Have JM order sent in September or ?

adriantwpmi(Z5b MI)August 19, 2007

I have ordered several one gallon size JM's from west coast nurseries and would like to know if I should have them delivered in September some time or wait till they are dormant and sent late February where I will put them in my unheated barn till planting time in May here in SE Michigan.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Plant in fall at your own risk ...I wouldn't... not a great idea in borderline areas in my experience with JMs...I really don't think you "need" to wait til may I would keep them in your garage til maybe late feb or early march when still dormant but soil is diggable and plant them out water and mulch well and cage them from crittersand let the natural leafing out occur unless you have a katsura or other early leafer which really isn't right for your area anyway...and if it ain't kaod this spring it will be next ...David

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

OOOPS misread your letter scratch the garage over wintering since you hopefully will have them shiped late winter ...just only in garage from late winter or early spring shipping til you plant them...REMEMBER!!! a west coast tree may be breaking bud or fully leafed in late winter early spring ...then they must be kept in garage til last freeeze date in your area...In that case it will be easier to have them shipped at the growers last possible dormant date ( on request) and kept in your garage only until you can plant them out in unfrozen ground...WHILE COMPLETLY DORMANT ,,,sorry for the misreading. David

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