PX-6 plus scale help needed

2ajsmamaJuly 14, 2012

I made the mistake of not asking if ebay item included a manual. The seller also forgot the in-use cover he listed. But scale seems to work (advertised as "fully-functioning"), turned it on w/o plugging in and display started counting down so some battery charge. But it counted down to 1, showed all the units, etc. on the screen, then started beeping and flashing something about a Zero Error.

Does anybody have this scale, and can you step me though basics of operation? If you could copy your manual (or point me to a link for online manual, I'll have to do a search right now) that would help. I emailed the seller.


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try taking the table off of the scale when counting down. I have an electronic scale that does exactly the same thing but if I take the table off it counts down and is fine and does not show the zero error and you put the table back on and you should be good to go.

And you may be able to find manuals on-line

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Thanks - I did that by accident (turned over looking for manufacturer info and didn't put platform back on b4 I set it down and tried again). But then you have to tare out the platform every time. Can't find the manufacturer - Atron Systems - online and haven't heard back from seller. I assumed he'd used it and could tell me how since he said "fully functioning".

I wonder if it can be calibrated with the platform on so that it doesn't give this Init Zero Error? Taking it to state tomorrow to certify.

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Found the company and the manual, not much of a manual and it looks like the scale needs calibration b/c I still can't power it up with the platform on (or set the Auto Shutoff or Backlight options) so we'll see what the state certifying lab says. Thanks.

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Sounds just like my electronic scale. When the weights and measure folks came out to seal all my scales I asked about recalibrating that scale so I would not have to lift the table when it is counting down as well as so I do not have to tare it all the time and they have no answers as to how to do that and suggested I live with it.

But this scale is not for farmers market use and for the past year has not been used much at all so the constant taring is not a problem for me. But if I were using it at a busy market it would be a pretty big issue.

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Well, this is for market use, it's NTEP Class III certified. If I have to live with taring the platform out whenever I power up that's OK, since I can't get Auto-shutoff to work anyway! I'm usually not that busy at (this) market anyway. I'll call the company and ask.

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I think what Lucy was saying, in her case, she doesn't have to use it for market.

Sorry to hear that it's not working quite right. Have you checked the battery connections? We had a vendor's scale that kept giving them fits, another vendor looked at it and found that one of the wires wasn't making connection all of the time. He fixed that problem and no more problems.

Good luck.

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