does Shaina green out in summer, or stay RED?

growitnowAugust 4, 2013

I found Shaina at a local garden center that seems a decent specimen. Except that it seemed pretty greened out as some red leaved cultivars do in sun of summer. From what I've read I thought Shaina stayed fairly red all summer. I want a decent red palmatum to plant near some cedrus deodora prostrate beauty (blue) - so red coloration is important.

At garden center the tree was in sun, but I don't know for how long, when they got it, etc. It does seem to be Shaina. Is moderate green out normal?

They only had one and I am trying to decide whether to buy it, wondering once planted and more stable whether it will retain better red; or if I should pass this one by.

zone 7, sunny hot VA

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In hot, southern locations, Shaina does have a tendency to "green out" in summer in a lot of sun. This is similar with a number of other red leafed JM's, noticeably Bloodgood, of which Shaina is a sport.

Maple Ridge Nursery is great southern resource for JM's - just outside of Atlanta, GA, they are a great clearinghouse for how specific JM's react in hot, sunny and humid southern climates. Searching through their listing of red leaved JM's should generate a number of choices for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maple Ridge Nursery

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