anyone have room for a 25 ft ficus tree inside?

faerieannette(z7 MD)May 28, 2006

It is not mine. but posted in freecycle in annapoils is:


Re-Offer 20 ' - 25' Ficus tree and extra pot (Mayo)

This is a very large tree. It is beautiful but very big. It is 20 feet to 25

feet tall and approx. 10 feet to 15 feet across. The pot it is in is 2 feet to 3

feet high and 2 feet to 3 feet wide, it is plastic but looks like terra cotta. I

also have another pot with soil in it. It's the same size as the one with the

tree in it. It would make a great pot for the yard. You will need help to move

this. I think 2 strong people can move it but 3 people would be better. You will

need a hand cart and a pick up truck. No station wagon or SUV will work. I need

this tree gone by the 31st of May. My friend is moving and it needs to be gone.

I don't want to kill this tree. Please Please won't some one give this tree a

new home. Don't forget, you will need ceiling space for this tree.

Thanks for your interest


My stepfather was actually going to get it for his house but was overwhelmed with the massive size of it. I know it would fit but not the way he has in mind I suspose.

It is horrible because I asked her to hold it of him and assured her it would go to a good home.

I feel so bad. I thought perhapes someone here would be inclined to rescue or at least foster it. Also when he wne to look at it he said that you woudl definately ned 3 people probably more. I don't want this thing to die!


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