How to accept Bridge cards?

VotumJuly 26, 2012

New member, Long time reader. I been selling vegetables and have had a CSA for quite a while now. I have recently had the oppurtunity to expand into an area that I had no presence in before. The issue is the majority of these potential customers use bridge cards, but don't have the time or transportation to get to the Farmer's Markets I attend. I looking into direct deliveries of the produce, but can I get paid with the Bridge Card. The State of Michigan seems to be giving me the round around: "Oh you have to call this number" "Well you need to talk to so and so" Me: "They just told me to call you"

Any suggestions?

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I don't know what a "Bridge" card is, unless it's like a FoodStamp card, each state calls it something different. You would probably need to have either an app or machine to process the card part, and an account with whoever handles it. Good luck, it sounds like you're going to need it.

Can you get ahold of one and look on the back of the card, there may be a number to call with questions.

Just entered 'bridge card' in bing, it is a food stamp card or EBT (same thing). try this link.,4562,7-124-5455_7034---,00.html


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