garden hose bursting pressure relief

kevbocometh(7)May 23, 2013

i live in washington d.c. and it gets pretty hot here in the summer. i also have extremely strong water pressure, which i enjoy very much. however, when it gets to be above 90 degrees or so i am always in danger of my garden hoses bursting. it can literally take less than an hour for a cheap hose to bubble and burst if the entire hose is in the sun the whole time. i am looking for a solution to this problem, hopefully in the form of some sort of pressure relief valve that would go in between the spicket and my hoses. it would have to be adjustable, so that my current water pressure could be accomodated. any ideas??? i would really appreciate people's inventiveness on this issue, because i am beginning to suspect that there is a product for this and it has been buried by some company that makes cheap hoses!!! lol. if u can just keep in mind that i am trying to save money here, so getting a whole house pressure reducer or more expensive hoses are not viable ideas, especially considering the fact that expensice, professional grade hoses last longer but break evetually anyway. thanks to everyone who read this in advance!!!!!!

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Larry Kahn(7b)

You must be doing something like watering with a hose end sprayer and then turning off the spigot without releasing the pressure on the sprayer end. If the water is flowing it shouldn't be a problem. Easiest thing to do is get one of those Y splitters and put that on the spigot, and when you turn off the water open up the "free" Y to let the water trapped in the hose drain out.

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First of all, thank you for your response and good idea! as they say, great minds think alike, using the y connector with an open ended hose is how i relieve the pressure now(i failed to mention that in the post) and it does serve to save me a trip back to the other end of the hose. the problem is that the water pressure at my house is so strong that i have had hoses burst during lunch breaks, and a couple of times when i'm just catching my breath or doing something else for a little while. it seems like a spring loaded pressure release valve is what im looking for, that way i dont have to worry about it. just something that gets to a certain psi and lets go of some water untill the psi comes down. i worry about hoses breaking all the time and still, every summer, i break a hose or two. im always in the yard and eventually, without fail...i forget and boom! i just want something that works without my being there, so its worry free...and i can buy cheap hoses. my yard is 325 feet deep and i have one spigot. can u think of anything else? thanks again.

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Larry Kahn(7b)

I'd try to lower the water pressure at your main intake valve if possible. If it's higher than 50 it's probably too much anyway. Have you ever measured it? The pressure testers are cheap and easy to use; I have one myself.

Failing that, I'd maybe use the Y and attach a soaker hose to the end you aren't using the regular hose on, and soak some useful area with it. That should lower the pressure some. if not enough, hook a couple of Y's together and run 3 or more outflows, as necessary.

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frontiercc(MD Zone 6)

First things first- IF your water pressure is truly 90psi, it needs to be brought down. you run the risk of bursting washing machine hoses, PVC Pipes, the connections to your toilets and sinks, etc. I would recommend putting a gauge on it to get a handle on how high it really is before you flood your house.

Secondly- to answer your question- this is often a problem faced by RVers. Any RV place sells a pressure regulator that will suit you just fine. It is intended to prevent over pressure of RV water systems since pressure can vary greatly in campgrounds.

Something like this:

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