My home built mulch layer

Rio_GrandeJuly 5, 2013

I finally figured out how to post pics.
This is the bed shaper, mulch layer I built this year. It isint perfect but it didn't cost 5k either.

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Few more pix

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The planting crew. I didn't get the water wheel built this year. They continue to remind me of it.

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All you guys with the welding experience, I just admire your ingenuity.

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My biggest problem was we don't have these things around here. So all I had to go by was you tube videos and what I could find on the Internet. I was actually surprised when it worked. I am going to rework the press wheels and put concave disks instead of straight ones.

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What hp is required to pull it?

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


Did you make raised beds first with this then came back and laid the mulch? Also, did you us 4 foot mulch? I am only using 3 foot.

I am so happy I built mine and it works, I don't know how I would have got everything in the ground an kept up with it if it hadn't had been for the mulch layer!

I wish we lived closer together and we could put our two machines side by side and compare.

Huffy, I built one myself this year and I have 19 HP Kubota and it didn't have any problems pulling it.


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We pull it with a 57 hp tractor and when pulling up full depth beds 5 ish inch you hear it pull. It isint grunting though.

Jay it does everything in one pull, forms the bed, compresses it, lays the tape covers the tape and lays the plastic. I actually copied your way of floating the disks and will be changing the wheels to be similar to yours.

I need to change a few things but over all I. Am. Thrilled!
Wish we were closer too, I could learn a few things from you!

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

The fourth picture you posted, with the single row of plastic mulch, looks like it has flat topped raised beds.

I am going to be making a few changes too, first I am going to chop the back tube off and move it up, closer to the rear plastic press wheels, similar to yours. That will also make it easier to get around, as it will be shorter. It will also take a little weight off it.

With my little tractor, I can't always keep it going perfectly straight. I was wondering if I attached some straight discs cutters on each side. They would help hold the mulch layer from sliding left or right. Do you think that would work? It wouldn't be very hard to do. I am hoping to make some of the changes early this fall and try it out so it will be ready to go first thing next spring.


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The beds have a slight taper to them. Barely enough to make the rain run off. That was the first bead we pulled with it and I diddnt quite have the stretch right. I think I had it bent with a 1 inch taper from center to edge over 16 inches. My bed tops are 32 inches wide and I do use 4 foot cover.

I. Had some trouble with mine walking around as well. So I added a stabilizer bar to my 3 point set up. That keeps it from swinging side to side. My rows are really crooked, with my disk configuration I have dt drive fast to get it to throw enough dirt. I bought new straight disks because it was all I could find with a live center. I am going to buy A pair of convex disks and take the live centers out of mine and install them in the new ones.

I am not sure if a couple straight disks woul make it run straight or not. If it does let me know I might want to do that.

I am going to try to over winter some onions and maybe garlic under a row. I have so much to learn.... My brain hurts lol

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