Anybody have a leaf color progression of autumn moon?

crizq0August 14, 2013

I bought an Autumn moon beginning of this year and it leafed out green leaves. There was a time when a few leaves were about to turn slight tinge of red but went straight back to being green. The tree was getting morning sun and afternoon sun.

I just moved the tree a few weeks ago to the side of the house to get morning sun and afternoon shade. Hopefully things change and maybe next years it will have nice all year leaves.

But does anyone have photos of their trees during spring, early/mid/late summer?

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Here is a picture of mine in Spring leaf which I shared in an earlier post. It is beautiful. I don't have a summer picture, but basically it turns a light green color with some red/orange/pink highlights. Fall color is basically as Spring but with darker reds.


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I traded mine away because it's Fall color didn't measure up to my standards. Spring and Summer the tree looked real good. The litmus test for my garden, however, is Fall color. Hate to have a 'bad apple' in an otherwise nice looking Fall landscape.
I'm getting choosy in my old age. ;-)

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I love the color on this one. I am "collector" and have 75 maples. I like this one so much I actually have 3 of them. This is a pic of one in the spring (right before i planted it). The color lasted a long time...longer than my other maples. The last pic is the tree changing over to summer color more than a month after it was planted. I bought the other 2 recently and they are just beginning to turn back to that spring color although i dont know yet if it will be as bright as it was in spring. They are in pots waiting to go in the ground. I can take a pic tomorrow if you want to see.

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Wow! Those are beautiful. Thanks for posting.

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