Nice maple in San Antonio

tcharles26(usa texas)August 21, 2007

Heres a picture I took today of a nice little JM at a local nursery. It had relatively little scortch and better summer color than others nearby. Employee suspected it was emperor 1. If that's true emperpor 1 is better than bloodgood in my opinion - at least here.

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That is quite impressive this time of year...supposedly emperer 1 is an improvement but I wont say for sure until I have two side by side in the same soil for a few years.

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tcharles26(usa texas)

the reds nearby had most of the newest growth scortched. I have bloodgood and I live less than a mile away. It is a more purple red color. Fireglow, or my fireglow, is very similar to bloodgood in color but less susceptible to greening and scortching, I think its more heat and sun tolerant. But the emperor 1, if thats what it is, has a lighter color.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I have all three and they are all similar...but the Fireglow is lighter and brighter IMHO as pr it's name. I have a new similar variety Red Baron which I like the best of all is super duper hardy and heat resistant far beyond the other three and a much faster grower...At least that is my opinion so far. Opinions on Jm's for open minded folks change from year to year quite often ( sometimes several times a year) SO I try to keep an open mind when I compare quite similar cultivars. David

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tcharles26(usa texas)

I hope I didnt come across as trying to settle once and for all one is better than the other. Of course I realize that it's subjective and probably impossible because bloodgood is so polluted in the nursery trade. I went to a nursery on the other side of town and they had some alleged bloodgoods and the sign said "Bloodgood - Dwarf red japanese maple". And the plants were small and spreading - not the tall tree that I think bloodgood is supposed to be.

My point was really just to share a picture of pretty good summer color for this part of Texas this time of year. Most things are pretty crispy and dull looking.

It is interesting that all three look very similar for you.

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