Autumn Blaze Browning

roubaudAugust 22, 2006

First time here, thanks for your advice!

Planted 6 foot tree in May. Recently had 3 inches of rain over several days and it's taken a few more days for the water to drain off the surface. I've watered the tree well every 7-10 days during the, up to this point, very dry and very hot summer (Nebraska) and it was doing fine. I even planted it a few inches above grade since I have clay--I've done this for my ash, pear, and serviceberry as well.

The tree's leaves are turning a light brown all of a sudden, and all over. Is it dieng? Should I try to aerate? Is it iron deficiency? If it loses leaves early will it not have enough energy for winter root growth? Ideas? Thank you!!

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carterobrien(5, Chicago)

can you give some pix? a lot of trees seem to be having this problem right now, there are a few folks on the main forum with a similar issue (and I'm seeing it around Chicago).

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Thanks. I think I've figured out how to put pics up, on the gallery view page anyway. Not sure how to do this....

I did some digging just to explore, and found the begginings of a girding root, so I took that out--but don't see much else happening as far as water sitting anywhere.

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why are my autumn blaze maples leaves turning yellow? 110 trees 4 years old 12-15 ft tall

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