Where to buy clay soil in Montgomery County MD?

evelyn.annMay 21, 2013

I am looking to purchase clay-rich/ clay-based soil. If anyone knows of vendors in Maryland, I would appreciate hearing of them.

I know clay soil is usually something we want to get rid of; but I want something to place around my foundation to repel water. Something that can be packed down well and compacted.

Thanks all!

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jadie88(7 MD)

Ha! I did think this was a joke at first.

I have no idea where you could buy some, but when I first moved here I would have PAID you to come take mine away!

By the way, my little girl is an Evelyn Anne! Great name. :)

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what u need to do is contact some pool companies. when they install an inground pool they charge to haul the earth and its a rip off because they can sell it on the open market a lot of the time. just make sure you have a rough estimate of how many yards u need so they know how many trucks to send. if they install ingound pools...they have dirt. good luck!!! if u dont need enough dirt so they will deliver it u can ask them where they dump it! i did exactly what u are doing on the side of my house and it worked like a charm, i dug a trench next to where i wanted the soil and used the soil from the trench to pack next to my house...instant irrigation ditch easily covered with mulch (the mulch doesnt last that long). also since u will be shortening the distance from the ground to your siding, make sure u treat for bugs.

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Thank you both! Pool companies, great idea!

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