Pricing wild blueberries

2ajsmamaJuly 5, 2012

Since wild (lowbush, I also have some tall bushes but they're all wild/native) blueberries are supposed to be so much better for you (antioxidants) than cultivated (light blue big watery ones), can I charge more? I just spent 2 hours tromping all over picking my berries - they don't ripen all at once and the bushes are all spread out. Got about a quart.

I have pint clamshells, may have a few smaller ones (that 6oz of blackberries came in this winter - again, have to say the wild ones are better). How much per pint or half pint? Sure not worth my time picking, but since I have them I might as well bring them to market tomorrow. Cultivated ones were going for $4.50/pt last week.

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Probably not enough to pay for the two hours you spent picking them. We have been selling domestics at $4.00/pt so maybe 5-5.50. Worth a try.


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I never sold tame blueberries for less than $4 pint (.67-.75 lb). I would also say $5-5.50. Make sure you tell people about the higher antioxidant value. Research the nutrients and post it.

Also state if you think the crop might be lower than average, due to frost or such. Our local u-pick blueberry farms are already closed for season due to untimely frosts.


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