A Christine (mini) Give-away

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)May 11, 2007

Hey guys!

I have some things I want gone that I didn't get to the swap.

I will be home all day Sunday if anyone wants to plan a drive to the country. Or, of course other arrangements could be made.

I have some green and white generic hosta

I have some nice avocado-ish, medium upright full sun hosta

I have ditch lilies available.

I am now able to share lirope

I think I'd like to give away 'Dwarf Hamlin' (ornamental grass)

There might be other things, but these are the things I'm really focusing on. I'm not dividing heuchera, tiarella, or hucherella right now, so I'm putting that right out there, right now.

Ornamental grasses, of which I have many, may be divided if you're willing to dig, because I am not doing it.

I have raspberry bush sprouts available. They're American Heritage or Heritage types and pretty tasty.

If you're interested, drop me a note at Christine at EveningsFall dot com. If you can't make it Sunday, let me know when you could. I'm pretty flexible.



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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Thank you, Lynn!
I am now minus 2 types of bleeding heart, variegated vinca, hardy begonia, some 'Purple Knockout' sage, some 'Raspberry Wine' Monarda, several different sedum, 3 'Hershey Red' azaleas, a huge Karia, Lily of the valley, lots of creepy Jenny, lots of Strawberry plants (thanks Vlad!), and will be unloading, er, that is sharing 2 lilacs and iris.

I still have 'Dwarf Hamlin' 'Raspberry Wine' Monarda, the generic hosta, and ditch lilies. I'm sure there will be more.

Where did all the new gardeners go, who needed so much?
Those who have come to visit know you need more than a Wal-Mart bag when you leave. You need a big truck to carry it all home.

Thanks, Lynn! (And Bonnie who will be getting some iris, too.:)

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Sorry I could not make it......had to work of all things......


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Bonnie, the iris are safe! I'll come out too (so I can say howdy and help dig!) when you can escape from the evil work thing (I'll be working tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday so I feel your pain..)

Christine, thanks again for all the goodies!! I've been plotting where to plant them, and went and got mulch this afternoon for the new gardens.. also talked to my neighbor who is thrilled about getting a lilac for her empty spot!

Maybe I can come out sometime this weekend to take pics of your unknowns and maybe dig the lilacs? I feel bad that we didn't get the pics taken today.



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