Growing jap maples indoor. It's possible!

rwood24August 1, 2010

Okay I just wanted to start this thread cause all of those people out there who say it's not possible. They are wrong and obviously doing something wrong!! Nothing is impossible has been my theory on this the past 2 years. I Have got 5 maples 3 growing bonsai indoors under fluros with a large window for extra light! It's perfect. I make sure to keep humidity no lower then 50 I grow orchids too so that's already a need. I grow the Pygmy, filgree, tam, in a large teranium with peebles. Just because it was going unused for so long. I use a 4 foot t8 fixture cool white lights. Placed 4-6 inches above I have a 2 t5 vertical to catch the sides. I open windows at night 9pm - 9am. I've noticed the pinks and purples really show in the trees indoors much more then my outdoor trees. So I just don't want to hear it can't be done or if so it cost thousands of dollars. I've done this 2 years and they have near doubled the branching is crazy! So please if y'all have these materials that are very cost efficent give it a try it's really fun and adds some great color to your home.

Just remeber that saying back in junior high "anything is possible if you put your mind to it". I was so sick of people telling me this can't be done back in 07. So I gave it a try in 08 with my first two they are still alive the filgree and pygmy. I'm

just writing this to kinda say screw you to all you people on this and other threads who told me it wasn't possible. I hope one of them sees this. To all you who are reading bout it a first time please try what I said. Use a cheaper variety if you are worried but I feel filgree and Pygmy also purple ghost really thrive indoors under my care! Thanks for reading. I can't post pics I'm on my phone but I'll gladly email pics of my maples if any of y'all would like to see!

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That is an interesting experiment. How do you initiate the dormant period in winter? I don't see how you would get a cold enough temperature indoors, or do you put them elsewhere in winter?

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In the winter temps drop to around 35- 45 f in an old Trailer behind my house with no central heat and cut outs for added light. Some have plexy majority are just a large cut square tho. I take them and a few hardy orchids, peonies, rare rose bushes and other ferns etc, to free up space out back and just utilize natural light. Although this year I'm thinkin of installing HID lighting for that and other purposes. One thing that's odd to me atleast my other outdoor maples drop leaves normal towards end of fall. Well my indoor maples don't drop until early December. I dunno it hasn't shown any problems. I basically have a much better leaf color too on my indoor maples so it's a big plus too me. Before I realized the old trailer I used my boys club house the first year for dormancy. ( he got mad tho) I'm no expert nor claiming to be I'm
just telling my story I'd consider
myself and expert on other things flowering plants before maples. I was told I couldn't do this so I tried it and it's worked fine. Ya kno I have had 3 of my maples die outdoors none of the 5 indoors have died as far as Im concerned it's much better for me. Yeah it may require more care but when you grow some 200 orchids this is norm to me they are much more dependant then maples anyways. Thanks for your ? Sorry I didn't include that in first but I ran out of room. I had to cut many sentences short.

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With the language you used, I'd be very surprised if you'll be able to reply to this for very much longer but hopefully you can answer one question that I have. What happens when the tree needs to get some shut-eye? Meaning go dormant? And how does it come out of dormancy?
I've seen some temperate trees (bald cypress, sabal palmetto) growing completely indoors at the gaylord palms hotel in orlando fl. They didn't look especially good compared to the vast indoor gardens of tropical trees but they were alive. I assumed they were just replacing them as needed. Why don't you post your pictures to a photo album site like imageshack, flikr or photobucket.

Also FYI, apparently using the term "jap" as an abbreviation is offensive to some.

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I missed that bit about the trailer.
I'd actually be more intersted in seeing pics of the trailer and the cutouts.

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you can grow pretty much anything indoors as long as you provide the right environment.

i first found gardenweb for info on orchids. there are a lot of orchid growers growing theirs indoor. i lived in a dorm room at the time and used some pvc pipes and built a stand to hang my CFLs, which were plugged into timers.

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I apologize if I offended people with my term my local nursery labels and calls the Japanese maples (jap maps) ha soo sorry if I offends you or anyone. Also I'm at a weeding as soon as I get back i will be posting pics on photobucket my daughter taught me how to use it I'm
new to the whole Internet thing I think of myself as old school but quite frankly I don't see how the term is offensive whatever. Every1 needs something to gripe about.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Growing maples indoors is easy if you grow them outside in a cold trailer or garage during the winter.

Technically, you're NOT growing your maples indoors. At least not in any contemporary sense of the word.


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I agree with Josh - providing a period of cold, a 'chill' factor that encourages a proper dormant cycle outdoors or in any unheated structure - is not exactly "growing the trees indoors". You are just holding them inside for a period of time. Plants which are hardy to temperate climates do not make satisfactory long-term 'houseplants' for simply that reason. If you cannot provide a consistent, sufficiently long chill period to stimulate a proper dormancy or quiescence, the plant will not survive for very long......a few growing seasons at best before it starts to decline.

And FYI, any term which is used as slang to refer to someone of another racial or cultural background is considered pejorative or an ethnic slur. If you were Japanese, perhaps you might see the offense in such terminology. It is not considered acceptable usage in educated, polite company. If you need the abbreviate the term, just use the initial "J" followed by maple.

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