Maple tapping

carmellia(z 4 Minn)April 7, 2006

Every year I get caught with my knickers down - garden-wise that is. I am probably very late to be asking these questions, but do any of you guys tap maple trees for sap?

I acquired two proper sap gathering pails, complete with tapping spigots, at a garage sale two years ago. Still haven't used them. I saw an article in the newspaper about some men in Belle Plaine that tap maple trees every year, and it makes be think I may already be too late to do it this year. Do any of you know? I am in the Kenyon area (50 miles south of St. Paul). I would just love to try these things out. Carmellia

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It is too late. Maple tapping should be halted once the Spring Peepers begin their call.

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

We pulled our taps last weekend!

You tap your trees when the daytime temps reach 40 and the nightimes are below freezing. Usually it's the start of March. This year was great too! We got 1.25 gallons of SYRUP from our one Silver Maple.


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