Transplant now?

tomahawkclaimJuly 27, 2011

Since roots are growing now, is it a good time to transplant? Nance

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Some say yes, but with the heat that's about to hit your area, I'd say NO!

Since there's still a good amount of growing season left for you in PA, I'd say to wait until a bit after the heat of the summer has passed, otherwise, your plants are gonna look ratty for the rest of the season. AND you'll have to water a LOT more just to make sure the roots don't dry out.

Having moved plants summer, spring and fall, I'd say my preference is spring, when the pips are sticking up a few inches, but leaves have not yet unfurled. It's my opinion that they have a chance to get settled a bit before the heat makes it tough on them!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

move them any time you want...with lots of water after ...

use that brilliant post about moving fully leafed out hosta ..

DO NOT CONFUSE MOVING a hosta.. with dividing it ...

moving a hosta.. with roots near intact ... means the hosta will barely notice..

and yes.. since its root growing time.. why not ..


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I have moved quite a few during this July,despite the heat,and so far,they are surviving. I have to keep watering them well,though. Phil

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Plus you will have a free sauna when digging and moving big ones during the heat. An outside shower would help tremendously then.

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I've been moving them right up until the heat became unbearable. (For me, not the hostas)
A little crisping, but not bad. I probably would have held off if I had been moving them to a sunny spot, tho. Mine went in more shade than they have been used to, so I figured that would help them, too.

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If you need more reinforcement for moving hostas now I'll add my 2 pennies. I used a filed 14' boat, a filled pickup bed and still needed the backseat of a car to get about 16 mature hostas moved 550 miles from northern Arkansas to Illinois and never lost a plant. It was in the 90's temp-wise. Once at their new home all I could do was dig quick holes, stomp the plants in, and water like crazy. In a week they may have looked a little ragged but not bad. My S&S had the hardest time-it made the trip in the boat inside a clear plastic bag (with holes in it to keep it from getting steamed) to keep the wind from tearing up the leaves. The next spring I started top dressing etc.


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I once transplanted 4' tall okra plants in the middle of an Oklahoma summer. My neighbor thought I was nutz but the okra lived and thrived. Screened them with burlap for about a week and wet the burlap several times a day (hot dry winds).

Anyway, they're hosta & they'll survive but if you want to keep them looking good for this summer, anything you can do to create a little microclimate around them will help. Old window screens, burlap over tomato get the idea...anything that helps screen part of the light, lower the temp & keeps the humidity at high levels around the plant for a couple of weeks.

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