Looking for texture!

mosswitchJuly 5, 2012

Walking through the hosta gardens at Nathaniel Close Botanical Gardens in Springfield the other day made me realize I need more solid colors with lots of textures.

I already have:

Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Witch's Brew

Piedmont Gold

Big Daddy

Powder Blue

Spinach Patch

Brutus (if it survives the groundhog attack)

And on my new wish list:

Lakeside Prophecy




Edge of Night

Potomac Pride

What else am missing that is rugose and wild and wonderful? The bigger the better, I have plenty of room.

Zounds was just beginning to get mature enough to show some rugosity.


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Check out Christmas Tree, Dark Green, Bright Edge, Extra Crinkled.

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Deep veined also adds a level - like Montana and Hoosier Dome.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

These are the ones I wrote down from a thread a couple of weeks ago requesting soldi colors. (Some are dark and/or shiny instead.)

Irish Luck
Devon Green
Leather Sheen
LS Old Smokey
Edge of Night
Spinach Patch
Potomac Pride
Midnight Oil
Big Daddy


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


That's a great wish list. My favorite green is Stingray. It's big, rippled, upright and arching.

This is my second year plant.

This is the photo that Paul took from the Larsen Garden that inspired me to buy it.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Have you checked out Blueberry Waffles ?

I didn't see it on your wishlist.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

How about Olga's hostas:

Blue Hawaii
Mississippi Delta
Grand Canyton
Niagra Falls
Hoosier Dome

Or some thick, puckered, and dark ones:

Clear Fork River Valley
Tracy's Emerald Cup

What about some yellows:

Harriette Ward
Gold Regal (upright too)
Key West

Put a giant one in there:

Jurassic Park

And a few others:

Irish Luck
Rocket's Red Glare

All of these are good growers for me.


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All of the above and an oldie but goodie -Elegans
Yellows - Dawn's Early Light and Blaze of Glory
Blues - Deep Blue Sea and Moonlight Sonata and don't forget to look at Blackjack

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Clear Fork River Valley - I had the chance to view this hosta at Van Wades garden this summer and it was STUNNING! I purchased a large multi-division plant and have it planted now in my garden. One of the most unique and distinct textured hosta that I have. Check out Clear Fork River Valley in the Hosta Library although the photos there do not quite do it justice.

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Between these suggestions and the "solid colors" thread I may be up all night looking at Hosta Library snd tracking some of these down. I already have Empress Wu for huge, T-Rex, plenty of plain greens, a herd of yellows, Elegans, Blue Hawaii, Niagara Falls, but there are a bunch more that I am gonna add to my list.

Clear Fork River Valley
Blueberry Waffles
Hoosier Dome

And I love that Stingray! I got a hankering for strappy leaved hostas this spring and ended up with Razor's Edge, Roller Coaster Ride, Hyuga Yurajiro, Elvis Lives and a couple others but I missed that one.

There are some on that other thread, too....I also like the idea of deeply veined leaves. Lots of dimension to add to all those variegated leaves I have!

Still looking.....might take another glass of wine or two...no telling what I might order! Dangerous combination, hosta list,
credit card and a bottle of wine!


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Mosswitch: So many to choose from! I bought a Fried Green Tomatoes last spring and it is really showing impressive growth. It really shows as a much darker green form of plantaginea.

I have a "thing" about the species hostas and although solid green I have plantaginea, ventricosa and clausa and all three are + hostas in my opinion. One bonus is that all three species really put on a show at blooming time.

Ironically all three were gifts and the people who gave me the clausa and ventricosa had no idea what they were. They all came from well established stock and I was able to see that there was to evidence of virus or nematodes in them.

With plenty of room a grouping of 3 would make an impressive display and change the texture of a garden showing individuals. That would make the individuals really stand out.

Of course you could do the same with any of the wonderful hostas suggested by the other posters.


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Can I suggest Red October. It's a small (I know you are looking for big), but it tends to grow upright, has white undersides, a solid green-blue color and red scapes. A very pretty plant to add garden contrast. Not to mention it's perfect for the 4th of July :)

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I have Red October, and love it! It has done well for me. Another red-legged one I like is Funky Monkey. Mine is three years old and gets better every year.

Les, I have ventricosa and clausa and any number of species hostas, some as goundcovers. I love them too! Planning to add Tenryu or nigrescens this fall.

But still on the hunt for rugosity, crinkles and lots of texture. Most of my plants are variegated and rather smooth leaved, except for maybe ten or so that have a lot of character like that. Lots of wonderful suggestions and I'm going to check out every one!

Here's Funky Monkey. Hard to get a good shot of the red legs tho.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Sandy, try Rich Uncle,if you can find one. It has big boat-shaped gold leaves,with lots of puckering. Mine has grown well for years. Phil

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Here is a pic of my Rich Uncle. Take a look. Phil

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bernd ny zone5

textures, do you mean puckered. Don Rawson has lists for puckered-leaved hostas (link below) and lined-leaves hostas. Many hostas upon maturity get wrinkles, etc. same as humans when they age.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don R.'s puckered-leaved hosta list

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Ohhh Sandy, that's a pretty Funky Monkey, love the shape of the leaves!

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Ludi _PA_7a

I was perusing the H. Library and came across Witches Brew and immediately thought of this thread.

But you already have it . . .


Here is a link that might be useful: Witches Brew Hosta Library

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I was fortunate to get a "bonus" plant from Hallsons that is turning into a real showstopper with texture and color. It is Rosedale Golden Goose, extremely heavy of leaf, and a real golden color. I don't think it ever crossed this hosta's mind to turn green at any time.

Consider that it is a plant new this year, and it is already becoming rugose and can stand up to the high humidity we have here.

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And a Stuart Asch hosta, Stiff Upper Lip.
Extremely dark green, heavy texture, and shiny to boot.
Shown here in front of another Asch hosta, Nathan's Nirvana.

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This has to be the one with beautiful texture,It is McTavish( Myrle's) and the little "bug" underneath is her grandson

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Take a look at Clear Fork River Valley.
It is an intense dark green, very handsome hosta.
This photo of mine was taken within the last week, and it is still green this morning. Prediction of a freeze last night did not materialize, although inland areas did go down into the 20s.

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