Any maple cultivar that could thrive in zone 10? I need guidance.

jmo_0121August 1, 2012

I'm from Illinois; I now live in zone 10 in Florida. I am absolutely in love with maples. I remember taking long drives with my father when I was a child to go "maple watching" in the fall. It occurred to me that I would experiment and plant a maple here under the best possible care and see what results I would get.

What maple do you guys recommend? I have a balcony/porch garden so it would have to be a small species that can stay in a pot, the size of the pot can be bigger as the tree matures, I have plenty of space.

My balcony faces north so I don't receive morning sun, but I do however receive afternoon sun from about 4pm on out. I do have a place on my balcony that receives no direct sunshine at all time though if said tree would require it.

Winters here are a 50/50 thing. Two years ago we had temperatures in the upper 20's at night and 30's and 40's were a regular. The year after that, we stayed in the 40's throughout winter. We're expecting a cold winter though, so maybe that could help.

What do you guys recommend? Japanese maple? What cultivar? any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Japanese maples can be grown in zone 10 coastal southern California but that area lacks the humidity that Florida typically produces. With only the rare exception, JM's produce the smallest types of maples or those most likely to be suited for a patio container. It really doesn't matter which cultivar you pick - none will be more tolerant of high summer/fall humidity than another and the light conditions would seem to be appropriate for any as well. FWIW, higher humdity levels would be likely to produce a lot of foliar fungal problems

I'd be skeptical about expecting much in the way of fall color.....much of that has to do with cold temps concentrating sugars and pigments and that is unlikely to happen for you. Doesn't much in SoCal, anyway.

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It would be enough for the tree to just survive. I can give up the fall coloring. I just want to have a tree that is happy and thriving. If it can be grown in zone 10 in California, I'm assuming that if the humidity is the only difference, I might be able to give this shot.

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Japanese maples LOVE humidity.
They grow in zone 8, South Carolina, very good, but only
specific types.(not all JM grow in zone 8).
Don't grow it in zone 10.
Get into something you can grow in zone 10.
It's the heat and duration of winter temps.

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