Sweet Corn Sales?

gillie(z6NJ)July 8, 2004

Wondering if anyone else who has a retail stand or goes

to a market has noticed any lower sales of sweet corn? We

seem to be selling less sweet corn than in other years.

I wonder if these low carb diets are to blame. Any input?

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froggy(z4/5 WI)

Mmmmmm i cannot wait for the rush to start.

and...i have to comments that prob mean absolutely nuthing to u but here goes.

make sure u have the up to date seed. a local place that used to sell the top in the area hasnt kept up with the others. when i told him this, he looked at me and said 'well, ur the first to say' i happen to know he still hasnt changed.

and 2, i think there are alot more sellers out there going to farmers markets, etc and there is a delution of the customers. when u keep bragging about how wonderful it is to work next to the earth is, dont be suprised if a few smart people join ya.

and 3, is there any real # of carbs in corn? if they really think that its bad for u to eat fresh corn, they are nutz.


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Just curious, how much you selling for? It's $4.00 a dozen where I live! Good corn, tho, but never saw it goin' for so much.

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Sweet corn is a complex carbohydrate and for many diehard
low carb diet people it is a big no no. We have been selling sweet corn and other summer veggies at a roadside
stand for approx. 12 years. To answer Schoolhouse, we
sell our corn for $4 a dozen also, but have been doing so
for many years. People never complain about the price. We
guarantee our corn is fresh picked daily. I don't think
price has anything to do with the decline in sales. My
son says some customers have actually said that they are
on a low carb diet so they have cut back on how much corn
they eat. I see they are researching a new variety of
sweet corn which will be lower in carbs. I guess if they
are doing this research there must be something to the
diet fads. Other growers in our area have also noticed a
decline in sales this year so far.

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I dont grow sweet corn for sale, I do other stuff. But,a local big sweet corn grower has seen declining sales at his farm store, set up a mobile stand in an adjoining town and is moving it well. Problem is, a couple other growers have noticed lagging sales and reduced proice to $3 per doz. Every one w. an acre is a grower now and some sell for $1.50! A little spending money for the kids, a loss for the ones trying to make a living.

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