How to print recipies

Flat_Land(8a AL)July 26, 2005

I was originally going to post to "recipies to share" thread and it looked better as its own thread.

How are you handing out your recipes?

I had thought to print using a postcard template in word on card stock paper. I'm using about a 1/4 page with recipe on front and contact and logo information on back. I have to cut them into quarters, but have a paper cutter so is shouldn't be time consuming.

Should I just print 8x11 regular paper? It just seems so much blank space to fill. Do you use the extra space to give additional information, i.e. the story of your operation/farm etc?

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garliclady(z7 NC)

I use ms word and use the text box feature. I make 3 collums of text boxes with 1 recipe in each text box. This helps me get 9 or more recipes on one page. This way there is no wasted space and no need to print 2 sides & saves paper.I do put the name of my farm and a contact number on the sheet and usually put a title and year "Tomato Recipes 2005". I have had peoople call me to ask more questions about a recipe so a contact number is helpful.

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ddunbar(z5 IN)

I do similarly to Garlic Lady. Usually my weekly recipe sheet (a new one for each veggie in heavy season) has three recipes. It has a top title such as "Squash Recipes" and in the footer of the MS Word page, I put "Compliments of Dunbar Family Farms", then below it our address and email address. Sometimes I include our website which has additional recipes.
I realize it's a lot of paper, but the paper cost vs. the time cost to cut them is worth it to me. I usually print out 30-40 copies of the recipes. If I happen to run out, I will put out leftovers of one of the previous weeks. The leftovers are also great when talking with a customer and they ask about "baking" or "sauteeing"... blah blah blah.
If I don't have time to come up with three really good recipes from my sources, then I will use the last spot for general cooking info, storage info or nutritional info. I have several customers who initially purchased from me BECAUSE I had the recipes and the cooking advice. It's a great sales tool and creates loyal repeat customers.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I usually just type up my recipes on microsoft word and cut and paste them so that I have at least two recipes on a page, then cut them. I never thought about putting my name, date and contact # on there. You guys are so smart!

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