At Gardengranma's House - my memory needs help

gardengranma(6a/6b MD)May 8, 2006

Hi All: What a wonderful time it was and how curteous and delightful everyone behaved. We gave a lot of the left over deserts to the old folks across the street (a group home). DH (Gradengranpa) loved it so much he volunteered us again for next Spring (if everyone would like that.) The great lady who came with her DH (who likes to walk, sit inside, and read the paper,and likes coffee)could she please ask him where he put the library book on difficult relatives (it may be in the bookshelf, but we haven't been able to find it). This shows you how awful I am with names. But I remember what you talked about and how interesting the conversation was. If anyone left anything that they need to retrieve, let us know, we'll deliver or you can come and pick it up (over dinner perhaps?) It was a joy and even the weather cooperated. We love you gardening enthusiasts. Now I have to go and weed and plant.

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