Rootbound celery seedlings

clarkii(4)April 10, 2012

I planted Utah Tall Celery seeds a couple months ago on February 11. They were doing great and about 6 inches tall until about 2 weeks ago. I noticed the leaves were starting to curl and the edges of some leaves were drying out. There were several plants with stalks that had withered in the middle and fallen over with yellow leaves. I thought I needed more water (after some internet research), but nothing improved in the mean time. This past weekend I decided to re-pot them all to see if that would help. All the plants (32 total) were rootbound, but only had roots on the top 1/2 inch of the pot. There were few, if any, roots that extended to the bottom of the pot, but near the surface - totally bound around the inside of the pot. I figured this had to be the problem, so I pulled them all up, loosened the roots, added fertilizer, then put them back in the same pots. I've only seen the plants get worse over the last 3 days - is it just too soon to tell? Has anyone else seen this before? Anything I can do to recover them? I'm afraid I won't get any celery at all - is it too late to try again?

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