Winter Flower Stand Idea

TomBombadillJuly 19, 2012

Hello there. I'm new to the forum so I hope this is the appropriate section to post this question at. If not, please direct me to somewhere better. Anyway I operate a lawncare service through the year and don't have much work outside of snow removal during the winter. Hence I'm always trying to think of side businesses to do during the winter. I've done some vegetable gardening the last two years and enjoyed it. My dad is an avid flower and vegetable gardener. My idea based of this experience and talking with him is to start a winter-time flower stand where I would sell potted flowers to people to brighten up their winter day. I'm not sure whether I would need a grow light system or not to do this as I've researched that there are many varieties of flowers that will actually grow and bloom during the winter months in this zone, such as crocus, heather, snowdrops, and helebores, to name a few. So I guess my question is: has anyone else done or are doing this, Do you grow the flowers inside or do can I use flowers that I plant from seed or bulb during the autumn, and what other advice or tips would you have in regarding this subject. My other idea that goes in hand with the flower stand is to make and design flower boxes to people at the local farmers market that I can maintain for them on a year round basis, even in winter with the winter varieties available for this. I just thought it would be a neat business idea to provide flowers to people during a time when their not as available or that they have a small businessperson to look to for this.

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I'm also in Zone 5, you would need some type of lighting system for blooms. I and my mother have both kept impatients growing and blooming over the entire year. These were old-fashioned varities and we kept them in window sills.

The crocus, snowdrops and others like that NEED to be frozen before they will bloom, so you will need to force them.

I know the greenhouses in my area are not making much money, due to the big box stores having potted plants year round. Keep this in mind.

One thing, you might consider is a plant maintenance contract with some of your summer customers. Basically watering, trimming and such year round for the inside along with the outside plants.


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You might want to look into equipment (and trained personnel) if you don't already have them for storm cleanup. Seems like the past few years we've had a lot of limbs/trees down and people who can safely remove a dangling limb are in high demand. Firewood as a side business (though you need time to cut and season).

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Firewood is ALOT of work for little pay. We have tree people all over the place, and if you don't have storms, there isn't enough work for established firms.

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I know firewood is tough - I've split and stacked enough in my time! But sure seemed like we didn't have enough tree experts in 2011. Just an idea ;-)

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They must have been living here.

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