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jrjrj(z5 MI)July 23, 2006


My daughter (age 9) has decided she wants to try selling the black berries growing in field. We usually produce several gallons of the these wild berries. Is there a market for them and if so, how do I help her get started and how do I determine a price?


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take them to your local Farmer's Market - you can usually sell them for $4 a pint, or $20 for a flat if they are nice.


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snappybob(SaTexas Zone 8)

Don't be surprized if you find out that, in order for your daughter to sell fruits and/or veggies at the farmers market, she will have to first pay several hundred dollars in licences and fees and get a background check from the local police, FBI and CIA. That's what I found out when I inquired about selling a few extra veggies from my garden at the Farmers Market in my city. Too bad that it's come to that.

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I'm always impressed when I hear about children who want to work to earn some money. GOOD FOR HERE! My daughter's been working since she was 9 too. You might not be able to just show up at market and sell. Many markets require membership. The membership fee helps pay for advertising, insurance, utilities and other expenses. Some markets will let you rent a table for a set amount per week without becoming a market. I don't think smaller markets ask for background checks. It's a shame it's like that in snappybob's city. =(

I have standing orders for blackberries as soon as they're ripe. I'll charge $3 for a pint and $6 for a quart. The raspberries weren't very good this year but the blackberries look like they'll be incredible.

Good luck!

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Thats wonderful that your daughter is thinking like that. It must be tricky to picky them, with all those thorns ?

Another idea could make the blackberries into a jams, or pies etc.

Good luck.

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