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henhousefarmsJuly 7, 2013

We were fortunate enough to have the local TV station out at our Richland CC market this Saturday and they did a very nice story about the market and the challenges that the wet spring has brought. The reporter was very good and interviewed a number of vendors and customers. I have not seen the actual video yet - ironically I don't get that station at the house but both Dad and Kathy watched it and said our stand received a lot of screen time. It's going to be hard to judge any boost that the market gets from the publicity as next weekend they have a car show scheduled and the following Saturday is the Relay for Life event. Both tend to increase the people that attend but I do not see how this could do anything but increase sales. I guess the down side is that I have always been told I have a face for radio so let's hope that I didn't scare off too many customers.


Here is a link that might be useful: WAND TV Farmers Market Story

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Hey that's great that the media is trying to help people understand how weather affects the local farms. So many non-farmers are clueless about this stuff, or can even remember what the weather was like a few weeks ago.

Thanks for sharing Tom.

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We had our TV station do 'weather reports' at the market for a few times. Afternoon market, I volunteered some veggies for the weather man to show and he mention my name. The next few markets, sales really picked up.

Actually everything the TV station would mention us, our sales were up the next day or so. They have so many clips of our tables over the years. Our son was the youngest active marketer, so he and now wife were featured alot in commercials for the town.

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