Acer palmatum Sara D

mrgpagAugust 21, 2012

I was scrounging through a nursery's Japaneses Maple hoop house today and came upon this plant which caught my eye. Looks like a mounding type plant that has some red color throughout the growing season. But searching the 'net, I find little info on this particular cultivar.

Anyone growing it and if so, what's your story about it? Spring flush, summer/fall color, growing characteristics, etc. Images of a plant with a few years growth would be great.



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Never heard of that one Marshall...We also grow one named 'Mary Catherine' that you dont hear much about.

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Yeah Al - the retail nursery manager couldn't tell me much about it either nor could he remember from what grower supplied the plant to his company - He does't do the buying - that's a function of their wholesale nursery. Was sort of pricey as well and I can pass on it. Thanks for the reply though


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