Maple Sap to Syrup Ratios

soilent_greenApril 22, 2013

My Maple syruping season is finished and my final totals bear out a 26.3 to 1 ratio.

I am curious what other Minnesota folks have been getting regarding their sap to syrup ratios, and would really like to see some numbers posted here.

Out of pure curiosity I made maple sugar for my first time. The process is very interesting, rather straightforward, fun, and somewhat dangerous (I suffered several burns that prove this). I processed small test batches, and was quite successful with consistent results. The ratio was 1.5 quarts of syrup made approximately 1 dry quart of sugar, or approximately 1.5 pounds. Nice to know I have an on-site source for making my own granulated sugar should the need ever arise.

Have a good one.

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A batch of syrup. Jar far right is maple sugar.

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I'm impressed at anyone that makes maple syrup without all the 'professional' equipment...I understand it is not an easy process.

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Anyone can make very good maple syrup!

The syrup-making process is surprisingly straightforward and not very complicated, the catch is that a person can ruin an entire day's worth of work in the final minutes if not paying close attention.

Making maple sugar is the same way except that a batch can be ruined in the final seconds if not paying close attention. If ruined, not only is the sugar lost, but also the syrup and all the time it took to make that syrup was wasted as well. That is a real bummer.

My system is very basic, and very low cost as a result. My only expenses were for filters and canning lids. I guess technically gas and oil for the chainsaw for cutting up the firewood that I used should be taken into consideration as well. I figure my costs this year added up to around $10.

In photo, the covered pan in front was used to preheat a gallon of sap before adding it to the pots so as not to interfere with the boil.

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Oh and by the way, see that snow on the ground in that photo? That picture was taken on April 16 and we have had three more snow storms since then.

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