Any ideas for a narrow maple?

brownest_thumbAugust 6, 2013

I'm looking for a beautiful maple for the background and focal point in my backyard behind a row of dwarf conifers.

Dimensions should be something like 6'-10' tall but only 4-5' wide.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Is acer shirsawanum 'jordan' narrow enough enough?

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Nope - eventually will grow to 15-20' tall (or more) and equally as wide.

I'd consider Acer palmatum 'Twombly's Red Sentinel'. This is perhaps the narrowest, most columnar form of JM out there and even this cultivar may eventually get wider than your specs. Height is just right, however.

Here is a link that might be useful: Twombly's Red Sentinel

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Acer tsukasa silhouette gets taller but stays skinny/very narrow. Or maybe one of the dwarfs like Pixie or Shaina. I saw a mature pixie recently that would fit your specs perfectly. It was beautiful.

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And Hubbs Red Willow. Will reach around 9ft tall but stays narrow around 5ft. I'm sure there's many more. I'm just thinking off the top of my head.

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