Mobile AL and Shanghai same latitude ~

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)July 25, 2012

Taking Ken's advice to check the latitudes of where the hosta come from, I decided to track 30* North latitude around to China. Big surprise, I reach Shanghai, and a few other spots a wee bit south of there.

Shanghai is a little further north, in Lat. 31*North, and we're 30* 45' North, but what....that is about 15 nautical miles difference, so not significant.

And, the altitude in Shanghai is around 15 feet, quite close to what our altitude is, I suppose due to the Yangtze River delta being right there. I had expected to find an elevation difference to make it cooler for hosta, but there might be another factor at work. Perhaps sea winds? Yet we are fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico. Even Houston TX at Latitude 29* North plus a little more, is within the area a little south of Shanghai.

I tried to figure out where the native hosta grow wild in that area, but must do a bit of research to place them on the map. Perhaps Mr. Schmid has some maps with species indicated for China.

Theline for 30* North Latitude passes to the south of Japan, so what I'm looking for would be mostly Chinese hosta, and therefore my beloved plantaginea family.

Anyone with a link to a good map, and some text IN ENGLISH NOT CHINESE, please add it here.

I thought I had a link to a Chinese botanical garden but it had one picture, not any of the plants.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Latitude really helps figuring out the intensity of the sun, but weather patterns area heavy influence. I'm about the same latitude as Southern IL/St Louis, MO. Totally different weather pattern. We rarely have a cloudy day here and zero rain in summer, with low humidity, cool nights. Winters don't match either. I know it sure isn't like that in St. Louis.

I've been to Mobile and to Shanghai and even for the short times I was there, I can tell you that the sun light conditions might be the same but that is about where the similarity ends.

I just took a very quick look at the .pdf at the HL and read that the early seeds sent to Europe came from Macau, which is a small island close to to Hong Kong. We've spent some time in Hong Kong and I never noticed many hostas there, but wasn't specifically looking for them in the the early 90's. ;-)

Google Maps should have what I think you are looking for.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am so exciting you guys are simply thinking about it all ...

know why britain.. which is about 60 degrees north.. can be as high as z9???

its called the north atlantic drift.. the water goes from MA up past newfoundland.. across the north atlantic ... making that basically tiny island.. very warm ... very temperate ...

there is.. most likely.. the same type of ocean currents.. both air and water.. that makes a very big difference as compared to you ... the gulf aint quite the pacific ....

but that is as far as i would speculate ...

fascinating reading.. isnt it..

one of the first over here.. was claimed to have been purloined from a temple.. so maybe that is why you didnt see them generally around..


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Moccasin, I have been to Shanghai a couple of times and to LA several times. Shanghai is cooler than Louisiana. Ken is right. For instance London is on the same latitude as Newfoundland and the climate is very different because of the Gulf Stream Currents.

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