Is this a japanese? Goo for grafting?

bassistjon112(6)August 9, 2012

I just moved into a new home and this tree is in the front yard. I have Shishio Hime and red dragon maples so Id like to use the seedlings from the tree for a try at grafting

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Another pic

The title is meant to say Is this a Japanese Maple? Good for grafting?

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Yes, it is a Japanese maple, most likely just the straight species and sure, seedlings from this tree will make an excellent rootstock for grafts of your named forms. Have fun with your project!

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Thank you very much. The tree didn't give me any seeds this year but I found a lot of little crimson red colored maples in my yard which I assume were from the previous year. I dug them all up and planted them in their own containers. Now they won't get mowed over :)You wouldn't believe the colors, I am not sure if it normal but they were like neon red. Either way I was surprised about the changes.

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