displaying melons and pumpkins

clinchbilly(6)July 21, 2014

Needing a good way to display melons and pumpkins. Our markets are just parking lots you just set out a table and a canopy at the back of your pickup. Not many sells either melons or pumpkints an the ones that do leaves them piled in the bed of the truck. Need something better, any ideals?

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I wouldn't want top be loading and unliading melons too many times - heavy!

Something like this, but beefed up for the weight? And display a couple of each variety?

Sort out a few baskets slightly by size so people can see what you have (they may want a small.med/lg fruit) and set them on a low platform made of crates?

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmer's stand

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I put mine in grey plastic stacking crates and put 2 crates underneath so the produce is off the ground

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There are many ways to display attractively. I've used a three tier stand with large bins but you could also tier up straw bales and set pumpkins on top. Spread them out if you want people to get a better view of each.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I do large baskets and crates and organize by size. They are a pain to get to market! The crates can be loaded up and hauled with additional added from boxes. I wish I could bring a small wagon at that time of year.

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Found a couple of pictures of what we do - wagons for the melons and straw for the pumpkins. Takes a lot of space in the trailer to haul them but in the end it works really well and the displays look good.


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I put mine on upside down bulb crates on top of my table. It adds a 2nd tier and the plastic grooves in the crate bottom keep them from rolling off the table.

I cant put anything on the ground or I'll end up w a market go'ers dog pissing on them. I like dogs but dont care for them at the markets. I had one piss on my table cloth last night and another one pissed on my chalkboard legs a few weeks ago. Of course the owners share some of the blame too.

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