First Time Garlic Sales

heirloom_lady(z5 OH)July 13, 2005

This is the first year I will be selling garlic at market and would appreciate any advice as to prices and how to display. I have a very nice crop of 3 varieties - Inchlleium Red, Spanish Rojo and Music. All the heads are a nice size - 2" - 3". They have been dug about a week. Should I cut off the tops and roots, or is it better to leave the tops on? Should they be completely dry before selling? Do you sell them per head, i.e. 50 cents or $1 each? I'd also like to try braiding some. Does anyone have simple directions for braiding? Thanks so much for your comments?

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jayreynolds(zone 6/7)

I cut off roots, because mine have dirt clinging and many are turned off by dirt. I leave tops on because I sell a "bunch" of four at one time, banded with a gum-band. I will sell individual heads if asked, but find that most people except maybe singles, can make use of four. I sell a 4 head bunch for $2, but expect most markets would be priced higher. You might check the 'allium" forum here at gardenweb for specialists in this subject.

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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

Unless they are cured leave the stalks on them as well as the roots. to cure them tie them in bundles of 10 or 15 plants and hang in an airy place out of direct sunlight and where they will not get wet by rain or dew-like a garage or barn. After they are cured (the stalks will be brown and crunchy) cut off the stalks about 1.5 to 2" above the bulb and cut the roots flush with the bulb. Remove the outer wrapper to get rid of dirt and discoloration but only take off one or at most two layers of the wrapper.

I sell my big bulbs for $1.00 and the smaller ones for $0.50.

Remember to save your best bulbs for replanting in the fall

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I sell them once dug as fresh garlic and tell people that they need to use them within a week or two. I'd ask $1 a bulb for the 3 inch ones, maybe 75 or 50 cents for the smaller ones. I wash them off without cutting off the roots...washed they look nice and natural.
Once cured (3-4 weeks as described in an earlier post), cut off the tops and cut the roots to within a quarter inch of the bulb. I peel off one or two layers so the bulb looks "pretty," plus use a new toothbrush to brush any remaining dirt from the root end. It's a good job to do at night while watching the late news. Ann

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