Japanese Maple - did I kill it?

larryb_2007September 15, 2007

I planted a Bloodgood back in early Spring. It looked great until I missed watering it for two days. Virtually all the leaves wilted, turned brown and fell off. However, after a few weeks, tiny red buds began appearing and it leafed out again. Now, the leaves are wilting within days. I love this tree, but it has me baffled.

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Kinda funny. My name is also larryb. I also live in Miss.Bloodgood is a very hardy japanese maple. I have lots of maples including bloodgood. I think you over watered in a place that is not well drained. It has been really dry and hot here and easy to kill things. Thanks Larry

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I have found that many new trees will loose their primary leaves from transplant shock or too much sun after being under shade cloth... MOST trees in summer or even spring in HOT areas are under shade closth before you get them... if you mail order that is one of the things you need to ask!!! Or it could just be lack of water during the hot summer months (the first year).. Then when they rebud and shoot secondaies they are so fragile and thin the sun blasts them... some should make it but will probably be sparce and deformed...that is my experience even up here.If it had leaves for lets say 3 months ( a guess btw) it should have stored enough energy to get it through til spring especially down there...and should be fine til next spring. If it is overwatered which I doubt but possible then it could be a more fatal thing causing root rot or crown damage...But I'd bet it is the former. David

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

OOPS I reread your post... ignore the shade cloth comment but it is something folks buying JM's in summer should be aware of...The rest of my post I stand by. The results of leaf loss , re- leafing, and new leaf shriveling would be the same for shade cloth or general transplant shock or as in your case likely hot lack of water condition ... again I must read more carefully !!!! David

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Can a bloodgood shrivel up from too much rain? I have had one for about 3 years and it has been perfect, but after 3 days of off and on rain, it has started to wilt/shrivel. it is dead? or will it rebud?

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