Thank you, Henrietta!

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)May 5, 2007

And everyone else who shared their gardens so generously.

Each year (I think this is my 4th), I'm always amazed at the variety of things people are growing, how people's knowledge is shared, and how much I learn. This was another fantastic, fun swap.

I appreciate Henrietta's beautiful home being shared for the 3rd year in a row. It's looks more and more lush every year. Just a dream garden!

I appreciate all the sharing. Good to see old faces and hope to see the new ones again and again.

My gardens wouldn't be what they are today without you. Thank you,


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Yes, Henrietta, thank you so much and Gardengrandpa(?), too.


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Henrietta thank you for opening your home and garden to our MAG community.
It was great to see familiar faces and new ones also.
Thank you all for the plant goodies, delicious food and great company! See you in Fall MAG.


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One more big thank-you to Henrietta (and her wonderful hubby). I too hope to see you all at the Fall Swap, but please also consider coming to the second annual MAGTAG (Mid-Atlantic Tomato Garderners' Appreciation Gathering) at Baltimore County's SW Area Park on Saturday, August 25. I will be posting more info about this event as the season progresses. Lots of swap regulars attended last year's event, in addition to new garden friends.

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Yes, a huge thanks to our gracious and generous hostess & host :-) You even ensure proper weather. Before you started opening your beautiful and home and gardens to us it always seemed to rain on swap day!

Wonderful to see old friends and new. I had a successful dumping of the extras I always seem to have and I'm 3 tomatoes richer! Special thanks to the gardener who's giving the ginkgo a good home after 3 years of potbound captivity. Bless you!

Dannie appreciated the pets & lovin' and misses her wee friend in the sun hat :-)

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gardengrove_ac(z6 MD)

I'd like to thank our generous hostess and host, as well as all of the kind people who hooked me up with plants; the entire ride home I spent plotting out where everything is getting planted. This was my first year and it was definitely worth the trip down. It was great finally matching some names to faces, hopefully in the fall I can come down with more open swap plants, although I really liked how well the pre-arranged trades went. Henrietta, your garden is absolutely gorgous and I was totally humbled by how big your Brugs are! Thank everyone again.

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Henrietta thanks so much. This was my first swap and I had a great time. I was able to find homes for all the plants I brought up and even had to run back home for more! Being that I'm only a couple miles away that was pretty easy. lol Your gardens are just beautiful. I'd love to see what they look like later in the summer. Thanks for hosting the swap and I can't wait until the next one.

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Henrietta, thanks!!! I got rid of my extras, and picked up more than I need :) This was my first swap, and we had a great time! And impressively organized! Sylvia (my little girl) especially enjoyed the Greyhound, and the truck in the children's cottage :) One small suggestion, though, remind me to bring a camera next time - your garden's were fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!! Christy

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Oh what a fun swap it was! It was wonderful seeing some familiar faces and making new friends. As always, I came home with way more than I know what to do with; thank you all for your generosity.

Henrietta, your gardens are looking so absolutely magnificient that you inspired me to go out there get some weeding done. My plants thank you for it, although I'm in some pain right now, having exercised some muscles that I didn't even know I had. You and your husband are so generous to open up your home and garden to us.

And these words of wisdom:

For anyone thinking 'Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long', don't do it with a very large cherry tree strapped to the top of your car. That's quite possibly one adventure you can live without. And my apologies for backing up traffic while the tree got loaded.

A very big 'Thank You' goes out to Christy's husband for doing the digging and the heavy lifting. The tree is in the ground and has had a good drink. I even talked to her to make her understand what's happened, and hope that she won't hold a grudge for too long.

I need a nap! And then back to digging more holes tomorrow. YAY! Can't wait to do it all over again come fall.

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giverny(z7 Maryland)

These swaps are so much fun I'm already looking forward to the fall one! It was great meeting new people, seeing everyone I've met at previous swaps, eating delicious food and getting a carload of new plants. Thanks to everyone with whom I had trades, and to everyone else for the freebies I now call mine.

Thank you Henrietta (and DH) for hosting yet again. As everyone has already said, your gardens are beautiful!

Mea/Giverny (meaDOTzickATarbitronDOTcom)

P.S. - I found out who made one of the dishes I thought was so good, but I don't know who made the raspberry dessert (bottom shortbread-like crust, then a raspberry layer, then a top shortbread-like crust). Whoever did, I would love the recipe.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

This was my first swap, and thanks to everyone for being so friendly! I love my new plants, and I was happy to find good homes for my extra ones. Thank you so much to Henrietta and her husband for sharing their lovely home and gardens. It was great to meet people I've written to online. And the weather was awesome.

So who drove the furthest to attend? There was a guy from Cumberland and a woman from Lancaster. Anyone further away?

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Thank you thank you thank you! What a nice day for a swap! Thanks for making a newbie feel welcome!

I had a great time meeting so many people I've only 'spoken' to online, and a nice visit with some of the folks I've met through other MAG exchanges.

Henrietta and Gardengranpa, thanks so much for making us welcome in your home and garden. Gardengranpa, I really enjoyed chatting with you and hearing about your visit to Vermont!

And a special thank you to everyone who shared their garden extras with me!!


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

"Thank You" just doesn't cover it. Henrietta and "Grandpa" are so gracious and welcoming they deserve a medal or something. I love the swaps and have planned trips between MD and AK with swap dates in mind the past three or four years.
What a super bunch of folks are in this group!
Many thanks to those who traded with me and I hope that Craig and Steve found their tomato plants. Never found Craig and couldn't seem to catch up with Steve. Wonderful day anyway and MMMmmm what great food.
I second the suggestion for a cookbook. Maybe we can work towards that with a big tomato section.
I don't know mileage from Lancaster or Cumberland but mine was about 160 miles from near Crisfield. As Always, well worth the trip

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

Thank you to Henrietta and all the generous swappers who gave away such fabulous plants and traded with me! I had a wonderful time and came home with a lot of things I really wanted. It was great meeting everyone, and Henrietta's gardens are an inspiration. And thank you to everyone who brought extra pots and flats--I'm totally stocked and ready for next time!


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sfmiller(z7 MD)

Thanks, Henrietta and Larry, for sharing your home with us another year. Friendly people, delicious food, lovely setting, great weather, free plants--what better way to spend a few weekend hours?

Beth_b_kodiak: sorry we kept missing each other.

Mea, the raspberry shortbread bars were mine. Karyn also asked for the recipe in the Recipes from the Swap thread, so I'll post it there soon.


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annebert(6b/7a MD)

Thanks to the swappers and the hosts. Only one complaint, Henrietta - you have imbued me with a passion for tree peonies, and they are expensive!

Hope to see many of you next week at Eric's

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Ditto everything everyone said! THANK YOU! This was my first swap and I got my sister to come along, and now we can't wait for the next one! Fall Swap? Where, when? I still have too many coreopsis--I didn't have time to dig them all!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Add my huge thanks and admiration to Henrietta for hosting our masses. What a terrific swap (even if the police didn't stop by this time).

I had a yellow blooming trumpet vine for some one, but it escaped the prearranged trades section, so I still have it. If they let me, I'll make arrangments to get it to them.

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Thank you Henrietta and Larry for hosting such a great time at your lovely home. The gardens are lovely and so inspiring.
Thank you to everyone I had swaps with. I had so many this time, I missed out getting lunch until most of the pots were already empty when I got into the house. My fault...I was so intent on getting everyone their plants. I missed that raspberry dessert everyone is raving about.
Everyone was very generous with their trades and my garden is looking great because of the nice sized plans.....thank you again.
It was nice meeting new friends and seeing older ones.
Again, thank you to all.....and see you in the Fall at the next swap.


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I am so glad I refused to attend yet another event with my inlaws that would have made me miss this swap! I got so many WONDERFUL things, met (and remet) so many wonderufl people and got rid of every single one of my extras. Plus my daughter made a new friend that lives just a few miles away!

Grandma and Grandpa are such generous hosts - thank you!

I have only one complaint. Someone took the blue-eyed grass that was promised to FirstKim. It was in a yellow bag in my little red wagon. I am sad that I couldn't live up to my end of that swap :-(


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Larry K(7a)

"So who drove the furthest to attend? There was a guy from Cumberland and a woman from Lancaster. Anyone further away?"

We came from Virginia, which, given its politics, is basically from another planet.


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I think someone came from Hershey, PA. If I'm not mistaken, Kilngod? :) Christy

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William F. Buckley himself could not come up with enough words to describe our gracious hosts and their drop-dead beautiful garden!
It was great seeing a mature tree peony--now I know just how big mine will get!
Thanks again!

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gardengrove_ac(z6 MD)

I'm thinking I traveled the most mileage wise, although the folks from PA lost by only like twenty miles. Got everything non-tropical planted yesterday and everything is looking happy still. Thanks once again to everyone who traded or gave me plants, this season is going to be really interesting.

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dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)

Big Thank you! to Henrietta and all the swappers! This was my first swap, and I loved it! It's terrific of Henrietta and Larry to open their home and garden so. Many thanks to all for the generous giveaways. I had much fun matching screen names to faces!

We came home and planted everything right away -- all 3 of us!

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Had a good time.. it was my 3rd (i think) swap and I enjoy watching plants I received grow and mature and increase to the point where I am able to share my bounty too!

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Hi all,

Thanks to Henrietta and everyone. This was my first swap, and it was so much fun!

I had several things come up last weekend, and I almost didn't make it, but my DH convinced me that I had to. Everyone who knows me has heard me talk about it constantly for weeks! So I rode down in the morning, grading papers the whole way, got home, unloaded, gave strict watering instructions to DH and went to upstate NY. That was a long day.

"So who drove the furthest to attend? There was a guy from Cumberland and a woman from Lancaster. Anyone further away?"

I think I also won this prize. I came from Philly.

But I'm not complaining. It was totally worth it. Especially getting to see Henrietta's garden.

Thanks again!

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

Philly? That must get the prize (though Lancaster is close. Next year, dig something up that you like, what you did is truely dedicated. Loved the whole affair. Hugs to all, Gardengranma and DH

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