Are my Maples on Steroids!?

OrangeCountyNerdSeptember 13, 2012

So I planted two Maples, a Sunset Maple and a Red Maple around March. The trees were small and fragile, see pictures.

Red Maple

Sunset Maple

Its been 6 months and the trees went from being around 3 feet to 7 feet tall!

Red Maple

Sunset Maple

What do you guys think? These guys seem to be doing much better than I EVER thought they would. Im guessing they will keep growing until November as it stays very warm here in Orange County, CA. The Red Maple has MASSIVE leaves!

Any advice from here on out you guys wanna give me?

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

I am so impressed!

My Sunset maple is healthy, but here in Maryland it has never achieved that rapid growth. Can't speak to a "red" maple, since that could mean anything.

Except ... the leaves are sometimes ... red!

Enjoy these babies!

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Thanks CEFreeman, gotta give all the props two those two trees. Incredible.

Its been an unusually hot and humid summer here, so maybe they are soaking up the California sunshine and water!

I thought it was called "Red Maple" since that's what it said on the Arbor Day Foundation site where I bought them from.

How long have you had yours?

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LOL!! A "red" maple is just the common name for Acer rubrum (rubrum being Latin for red). Also known as swamp or water maple. And despite the name, they do NOT have red leaves - just red flowers and reddish leaf petioles. And often a very nice red fall color.

btw, your Sunset maple is really a Red Sunset, or formally a 'Franksred', and it IS a cultivar of red maple. There are many other cultivars of red maple as well.

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Well excuseeeeeeee me. Obviously the "Red Maple" doesn't have red leaves. Ill get the names right later. Geez.

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Excuse me back.....that comment wasn't directed to you but to the remark that inferred red maples had red leaves, a common misconception. Which they don't, except for fall color.

A little touchy aren't we??

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