joe-il(5)July 13, 2010

How is everyone holding up to the heat? I havent had the full brunt of it but will be in the low mid 90s for a few days and chances of strong storms.

It seems to have slowed the tomatoes from ripening a little. Before the 4th of July they were coming on now they are just trickling in. Melons ,cukes are loving it, corn is too. We have been getting the rains so waterings been easy.

Jay how do you control mosquitoes in the high tunnel ? they are thick here! I have to spray myself about every 10 minutes with off to keep them from carrying me away.

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Hot here too, the 14 day forecast for me, only 2 days below 90. Thank goodness we finally got AC in our old trailer. Can't even get in the garden for more than a few minutes. Weeds are also enjoying both the weather and my lack of energy. Seriously thinking about mowing and baling the entire garden. It would make some interesting bales for the cattle.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

It was hot here today. 104 degrees at the time the market started, when I left it was 99. The humidity was about 99.9%. Thank goodness for a light breeze.

It was been hot, cold, rainy, humid. In the last 4 weeks, we have had heat wave, flood, cold, heat wave flood, heat. We have had several storms that have dropped 4 plus inches at our house, more north of us. With all this rain, weeds love it. I am seeing some fungus issues with peppers outside. The big farmers are having the same issue with their field corn.

Joe: The mosquitoes haven't been bad in the tunnels, just outside. I try to keep it as dry as possible inside. I am having problems with all sorts of bugs. There is always something!

My cucumbers are looking bad and not producing well. Cherry
tomatoes are great and big tomatoes are great.


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bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)

No rain and very hot weather, pretty much sums it up for us here.

The spring for us was very cold and we got way too much rain. Made it difficult to get things planted and what we did get planted did not like all the excessive rain very much. Then we went right into the extremely hot dry weather, which is not good either.

I have also considered mowing down one of my main gardens. On the bright side (kind of), I did pick a pepper the other day. It was kind of small, so not much to get excited about, plus one pepper is not going to make me any money.

Basically it has been a very frustrating year. I am just hoping that we will have a better fall, since this summer does not look very promising. We did have a pretty good spring though, so at least something did ok this year.

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We've had an record growing year here. The spring was warm and somewhat dry, so I got things in wayyy early and thats paid off. I have been picking green beans since june 18th, about 200-250 pounds so far. My third succession planting is just now flowering. I do think everyone is about greenbeaned out so it may be tough to find a home for them.

As far a frustration goes ..ya been getting that too. Raccoons, jap beetles and corn earworms took about 75% of my corn crop. I didnt use steel T post to secure the ends of my florida weave in the high tunnel and one section fell over last night.They are ok just laying on the ground. I think if I try to upright them I will lose a lot, they are heavy and wont be easy to stand them up. Earwigs are tearing up my onions, never had that before. Tomato hornworms have showed up, killed 5 in the last 2 days. Man can they eat! Been fighting early blight and some septoria leaf spot on my out door tomatoes, think I have in under control now. Was worried for a while there, June was very wet.

But thats gardening. I think it is endless frustration lol. All in all its been a great year. I changed my growing style a lot, went from 3000 sqft to 1/4 acre. Most things have went well, I have a lady that sells for me at a saturday market, she takes 25% and I just bring her the veggies saturday morning. I decided I couldnt grow and sell at the same time this year and this has worked well. I sell at work thru the week and that has gone really good.

Im all ready planning next years garden. Lots of tweaking I can do and pretty excited about it. I wondered if I would be exhausted by now, but that hasnt happened and I dont think it will.


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It's been upper nineties all week with intense humidity. I take two coolers full of ice frozen in bottles and water and take plenty of breaks in the shade. Yesterday, I shut the gate, took off my overalls and literally wrung them out and sat in my undies in the shade. The problem is the horse and deer flies just won't leave me alone. Those wicked beasts can really take a chunk out of you. For the first time, we are harvesting nice peaches. Coons have wiped us out every year until we bought an electric fence. Joe, you might consider this for your corn. I use it for that as well or I would have nothing. We're still being pounded with rain and storms--three inches two days ago and the neighbor's house was hit by lightning. I lost two tv's and a computer monitor. Further south, there are droughts--go figure. We also had a banner year for blackberries. I added 200 more feet this year, so Lord help us in the future with all that picking.


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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

--smiles his low desert 10 feet below sea level smile--, Yea, it's warmin up. hit 115 or higher the last 4 days. AND the humidity was up enough to bring an almost rain shower, just fell from the sky and hit the ground and instantly turned to steam. Lovely weather. Great for date palms, not so great for date farmers ; )
Days like these I start at 4:45 and I'm DONE by 11:00. Whew! Seems hotter than when I was 20 too. lol

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Hot and humid here. June was hot and wet with over 16 inches of rain. had to reseed the winter squash, zucchini, melons and watermelons many times because the seeds kept rotting in the soil in June. harvested the garlic 4 weeks early because it was rotting in the saturated soils.

Beans, cukes and zukes we started early in hoop houses are still producing which is good because all of those we planted in June either died from being too wet or were overtaken by weeds we could not remove because of the conditions.

The peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are doing okay. We plant late (beginning of June) so we just beginning to see the cherries ripening. We plant late because we do a market in a college town and have found early tomatoes do not sell well as there is a glut and many people who come to the farmers market in summer have their own tomatoes. But come the end of August when school opens the population quadruples and none of these people have gardens (or if they do they have been out of town over two weeks and their gardens are gone)

It has been a great berry year, I must say

Our tiller is broken complicating matters. Thinking of trading it in for a small tractor with a loader.

I hate hot humid weather

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Boulderbelt, I could not do without my tractor. It's a small 24 horse with a bucket and a 4 ft tiller. It also came with a blade, a box grader, and a bush hog, none of which I've used yet. It's small enough to go between plantings and is great for weed control. It also creates a beautiful planting bed. You're looking at a pretty hefty investment, but it is definitely worth every penny. FYI, I paid $15,000 for mine, but bear in mind I'm working 5 acres divided into 8 beds, an orchard, asparagus, and small fruit plots pretty much by myself. I will warn you tho' that these small utility tractors tip over pretty easily. Fortunately, my ground is flat.


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Hot Hot Hot! and very humid as well. I seem to be getting used to the heat - but the MOSQUITOS are horrendous. Joe - I know what you mean about them in the high tunnel. Last few years were bad (like put bug spray on 3 times in one day) - but this extremely hot and humid year is the worst. Bug spray, then mosquito netting, and then more bug spray over the netting - and the little vampires still bite me! UGH...

One of our high tunnels doubles as a hoophouse, so we have electricity in there. I put a strong fan on high when I go in to pick, and that helps a bit. The house with no fan however - is a nightmare. Wearing netting in hot, humid weather makes it even warmer - so I just drip sweat trying to pick tomatoes - and I'm not really a sweater! Today was the worst day yet for that - overcast and very humid. Add all the deep woods off, and I smell really good when harvesting is over! Not sure if having tomatoes at market is worth all the blood I lose....

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