nyctricSeptember 4, 2013

We are going thru some heat wave here in Southern Cali. I can see the some of the leaves (right edge of the photo) on my coral bark maple tree are burning. So I moved the tree under the big tree with full shade and away from evening light. Even then I am starting to see the tip of the leaves are starting to burn. Now i am thinking to keep the tree in the house for a week or two until the heat wave pass. My question is that it is ok to keep coral bark maple tree indoor for couple of week? any other suggestion?

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No!! You do not want to take the tree into the house. That will be no help and could actually make things worse. Since you have moved this around (and are contemplating moving it more) I assume it is in a container and that may be the crux of the problem. The tree itself doesn't mind heat but the roots do, much the same as containerized tree roots are more sensitive to cold temperatures than the woody top growth.

You want to keep the tree in shade, especially the base and container and make sure the tree gets adequate water. Hot weather can allow potting medium to dry out very rapidly and if the container is not well sized to the tree itself, this just exacerbates the situation. The crisp leaf tips look entirely like a water issue.

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Thank for the tip! Yes it is in the container. I have been watering full every morning but maybe like you said it's the container size that make it dry too fast with this hot weather. I will keep it outside under full shade and water daily to see how it is for next couple of days. If doesn't work then i will switch to bigger pot.
Should I cut all the leaves that are half burn already?

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No need to. The tree will be dropping leaves on its own before too much longer.

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my potted JM's do that every summer here in Houston, mid to upper 90's under an east facing back porch.

i've read that the bark needs sun to turn red. seems to be true. the side that faces east is reddish. the side that faces the house is grayish.

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Doesn't cold air also make the bark turn red? I just planted my first Sango-Kaku this year, but it seems like I read that online. It is extremely cold here in Arkansas, and my tree is very bright red. (More so than when I purchased it this Fall). But this is my first season with it, so I am still learning about it.

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