Core in greenhouse tomato varieties

nineallday00August 26, 2013

Hi all,

I love the production, size, cosmetic appearance, and flavor out of two greenhouse tomato varieties called "rebelski" and "geronimo" barring one problem that many customers point out, some of them have quite a large core in them. We've somewhat remedied the situation by picking them when super super ripe, but its still an issue and is really bothersome. Anybody have any tips or other similar varieties with these high production levels of large beefsteaks without this core?

People just want everything out of their tomatoes it seems (large, perfectly round, no cracks, perfect stem, deep red, lots of meat/few seeds, early in the season, oh, and they want them to be cheap!) and its just hard as a grower to explain to a customer base why some of the best looking tomatoes look terrible and yet need to be twice as expensive for us to compete with the way better looking greenhouse adapted varieties!

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I tried about a dozen different red varieties last spring in my first season of high tunnel growing. Big Beef was the winner for me. The other varieties seemed to produce nice-looking tomatoes, but they were hard as rocks; they would sit on a counter for weeks without ever becoming soft.

For an orange high tunnel tomato, I had good luck with Orange Blossom F1 from Johnny's. Taxi was my best yellow. I also liked growing Northern Delight, which is a red saladette, and Terrenzo, which is a compact red cherry tomato.

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for red tunnel tomatoes i've had good success with BHN 189, 589, and 1021. for orange BHN 871. i;ve also grown ramapo, oregon spring, and a wide variety of heirlooms inside.

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