Something is eating my Japanese Bloodgood!

smoochas(zone 7a-NYC)September 16, 2013

I planting this japanese maple during the summer and something has been eating it the last couple of weeks! :( Can you ID what is it and help me save it? My hubby wanted to give it fertilizer but everything we've read says they don't want fertilizer. Is it Japanese Beetles or? What can we do??
Hubby didnt mulch it well when we planted it. Does that have anything to do with it?

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A few holes in the leaves from insects is really nothing to get overly concerned about.......this is more of a cosmetic issue than anything that can actually harm the tree. And at this stage of the season, it is too late to consider spraying for -- the tree will be dropping its leaves soon enough.

I'd be more concerned about the dried, crinkled leaves showing up in the second and third photos. These look like the tree is going through some sort of stress, either transplant shock or improper watering.

Mulching is always a good idea. Just keep it away from the trunk.

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