Inormation wanted about Serviceberry Tree

gottagarden2April 26, 2007

I would like to know if the Serviceberry Tree is a type of tree that will grow suckers along the roots of the tree. I know they are known to grow suckers by the trunk but wondering if I will have sprouts all around by yard.

Thanks for your help!

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Which Serviceberry are you considering? There are about 25 different species within the Serviceberry genus. Generally, they are shrubs that can be pruned to tree form. I haven't heard/read of them growing suckers along the roots, though as most of them are shrubs they will most likely send up new shoots every year around the base of the trunk(s) already there. HTH

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I know of one that suckers, the common saskatoon (A. stolonifera ). This is more of a really big bush than a tree. The suckers are few and they pop up once in a while near the mother plant for me.

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I was thinking of an Autumn Brillance Serviceberry. Does anyone know of a good place to purchase one. I live in Lakeville/Prior Lake area. Any online sites that would be okay to order from?

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I would think Autumn Brilliance would be pretty easy to come by. I would call around to some local garden centers. I bought mine from Bachman's.

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