Damaged Red Leaf Japanese Maple

Sullja123(5b)September 11, 2011

Roofers dropped something heavy on my 7' red leaf japanese maple, snapping the trunk off at about 1" diameter as well as removing the lower branches on one side. It measures 3.5" diameter at ground level and is 15+ years old. Its branches covered about 12 feet in diameter right down to ground level. It WAS gorgeous. Now, new growth is sprouting out of the main trunk at a fork just below the upper end where it was snapped off. My question is, will this ever look like it used to, or should I have it replaced? I've been advised to prune the remaining branches way back on the undamaged side to encourage balanced new growth. Will new growth appear lower down on the damaged side where a branch was removed?

Thanks in advance for any opinions and advice!

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Sorry to hear about your problems. Did the roofers volunteer to get you a new tree?

I had an ash drop a branch on a small spreading japanese maple and break it. I cut the wound as flush as possible and it has recovered nicely.

Can you post a picture of yours?

I think if you can put up with a year of "unbalance" to let the tree regain leaf surface you can probably retain the tree with a less balanced or formal look.

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