Small Jap maple

flowergirl70ksSeptember 13, 2007

I posted this on the trees forum and they suggested I come over here. I have a small JM(3 ft) that has made no growth since I planted it 3 years ago. I'm now thinking it gets too much water as its close to a downspout. Would being too wet cause it not to grow? Its a bloodgood, and I have had one before that grew well, just not in this spot. Its in a bed east of my house with morning sun and partial shade from another tree. It also has protection from winter wind.

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I suppose it is possible that too much water has cut off most of the oxygen to the roots or allowed a soil pathogen to damage the roots (hopefully not). But generally when these problems occur it becomes evident during the heat of the summer as the tree suffers greatly when not enough water can get to the top due to the damage.

I would think poor soil/lack of nutrients would be a better indication of little to no growth, or possibly too little water.

If I were you, I would dig down next to the rootball to check on the moisture levels and on the root situation. If there is no noticable root growth (all brown, no white), then we may have a serious problem and probably need to think about digging the little guy up. I wouldnt do this now, but either when the leaves drop or in the spring before it leafs out (not sure on how cold u get and if this would be a problem for fall). Also check to make sure it isn't too deep (make sure the root flare is at or above the soil surface). If it is too low we really need to raise it up above the soil level in a wet area particularly.

Also keep in mind that the spring freeze set many people's trees back a couple of years, and even killed many peoples' small trees (even some quite large trees). That may be the reason for a lack of growth this year, but it doesn't explain the previous years.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I tend to agree with Matt but would add...if it is several years old and hasn't grown but hasn't died I'd move the sucka as pr Matts instructions reguadless of the soil wetness or dryness planted to deep or nutrient problem...It is likely just in a bad spot. Matt is right this years freeze may have set it back and some trees take a bit of time ( read years) to really take off but if it is just puttering around wait til dormant and try another spot and i wouldn't advise planting in that spot again... if after moving it does nothing next summer torch it and buy another larger one or something differnt.I guess it depends on how much time you want to waist on it but thats what I would a certain point you just got to cut your losses.David

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Thanks for the advice, I think I'll wait until it's dormant and dig it up. there are other spots I can put it.

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