Variegated Mock orange experiences

janetm_md(Z7a)May 22, 2007

I'm seriously considering getting one of these. I called over to Behnkes to see if they carried them and the salesperson said they'd likely be getting them in later in the Summer but they were finding that Variegated Mock oranges don't perform very well in our area. Does anybody else have experience with them and care to comment on how they do for you?

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leslies(z7 No VA)

I can't tell you about variegated ones like 'Innocence' but I can tell you that the mature one that was in my yard when I bought the house is in full bloom now and the scent is pretty wonderful. Like gardenia, and smellable from the other end of the garden. The shrub is very healthy and tolerant of NoVA weather.

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I have one with Chartreuse leaf that did nothing but grow for 3 years, had no scent on the couple of flowers it did produce, but has finally burst forth into bloom and is perfuming the yard. Visitors are catching a whiff of it and asking to see what's producing that glorious scent. The 'regular' mock orange OTOH, hasn't bloomed yet.

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I have 'Innocence' that I got from Park's a couple or 3 years ago. It was very small when I got it and now it's maybe 4 feet tall. It's blooming now and smells great. My only complaint about it is that the leaves aren't very colorful. Only a small percentage of them are variegated.

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Janet! You - variegated anything?!! What's next? Ornamental kale? (I have the salad dressing standing ready LOL!!)

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