a big thank you

Goldylocks(z7 MDsuburbDC)May 14, 2005

to everybody who hosted, helped out at, and came to the MAG swap. It was my first and I had a great time. So many nice people who let me shove my 100 wintersown babies into their hands! If only you guys were back here at home so I could press another coupla hundred on ya. Of course, that didn't stop me from coming home wtih more plants, but I did stick to shade plants so that's my story and I'm sticking to it !! And thanks too for the bags of manure and extra pots to help give my overgrown seedlings new homes! It was a wonderful day and terrific fun and yummy food....so one more time, THANK YOU!


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Thank you, GardenGranma! It was a lovely swap. (And your gardens are lovely too.) My only regrets are that I didn't come earlier, stay later, nab more plants, talk to more people, and have room for more brownies :-). (Did the police show up after I left?)

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nancyBinCC(6b/7a MD)

I, too, want to echo the above sentiments of gratitude to our hosts , to the great cooks, to generous new friends.. WOW! I have at least 1 full weeks' worth of planting to do, and GEE! it looks and though I might have to dig more beds!

Westminster gals: please stay in touch..
also:I would love to have the recipe for the broccoli salad and the orange cake ..and any other recipes anyone chooses to share..


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GardenGrandma thank you very much for hosting, your home and gardens are beautiful. To those that gave me plants, thank you, your plants have found a new home! Before the rain started, I was able to quickly pot up the plants, and place a few in the ground. Great swap, food, and company!

P.S. Whoever brought the potato dill salad, it was delicious! Please post the recipe.

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gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)

Vielen Dank', GardenGranma! It was a wonderful swap, a luxury to come indoors for a relaxed lunch after standing out in the sun, and my garden looks very 'half-baked' after looking at yours! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Robin (aka GardenPaws, aka the other Henrietta)

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

Oh my gosh! Despite the LONG haul (it took us a whopping 5 hours to and from Roanoke due to traffic), it was well worth it. I'd also like to say thanks to GardenGranma, I'm not sure I'd be as brave as you, hosting a ravenous horde. What an absolutely beautiful garden and home!

I was pleased to see so many faces to go with the posts I see here. Goldylocks, I'm glad I set up near you, what a treat! I was pleased to take home some of your seedlings and enthusiasm. And to everyone who sent plants my way, I was overwhelmed! And can I just say 'lycoris'... what generosity! I can't wait to get out and plant all this stuff...whew, what a day...

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Ditto from me! This was my first swap and I am just amazed at what a wonderful group of people you are! And I can't thank GardenGranma enough - you were so nice to open your home and garden to so many people!

Having a new yard, I was so excited to find so many plants that I was looking for. I promise to give them all happy homes. A special thanks to Christine for the crape myrtle!

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reginak(z7 Maryland)

I felt a little guilty for showing up late just to get rid of my extra plants, but glad they were able to be appreciated.... GardenGranma, even though I didn't get to tour your garden, just from the little bit I saw I was mightily impressed! Everybody else, I had so been looking forward to meeting you... harvest get-together come August or so??

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Truely wonderful. Wonderful hosts with a wonderful garden - about the best i've ever seen developed without a cadre of gardeners - and lots of great plant swappers - 54 cars? - with tonnes of great plants!
i think i brought half a thousand plants - and returned home with far more! my low-budget gardens really rely on these swaps. And i just LOVE knowing that plants propogated here on my little farm are gracing other folk's gardens! (Hint: i really enjoy seeing pictures of "my plants in your garden.")

The scary part was driving home. The tailgate on my truck isn't very secure, and there are no cletes fo tie down a tarp, let alone fix the tailgate up. You guessed it: the tailgate fell open on the way home!

But i had anticipated this: i pakced the plants in bix plastic boxes, at least 50 pounds each, so EVERY plant got home safe and sound!

i had the truck unloaded by 9:45 pm - working in the rain to get them all nicely set up in the shade fo the north verandah, and the cuttings all stabilized in pots of soil. Not knowing how long the rain might last, i went ahead and soaked everything with the hose. Boy, that must have looked foolish; standing there, in the dark, in a thunder storm, in the rain, watering plants!

Now all i have to do is plant everything.

But wait! There's MORE!
The swap isn't over until you have POSTED YOUR RECIPIES on the "Have: recipies from md mag spring plant swap" list! (Link below)

THANK YOU all for being there and making this the best swap ever!

And you are all wecome to come down to Aquasco for a "shovel tour" and banana bread - after i finish planting these new treasures!

- Happy gardening,

Here is a link that might be useful: MD MAG Spring Brownie-fest and Plant Swap Link

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bellevie(z6 MD)

Thanks so much, GardenGranma and DH, for being such gracious hosts. Thanks especially for allowing us to tromp all around your house and gardens, and to eat in air-conditioned comfort after being outside in the sun.

This was my first swap, and it was a blast. So many nice people, all as crazy about their plants and gardens as I.

I can't remember who made the Rhubarb crumble, but I'd really appreciate your recipe, unless it's a family secret.

Can't wait for the fall swap.

Regards to all


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

What a wonderful, fabulous, enjoyable swap. Many thanks to our gracious hosts. I did not get to "tour" the gardens but like everyone else was very impressed with the parts I did see. Seems I ran out of time and energy before I ran out of things to do. Wonder how that could happen??
It looks like I brought back more than I took but we all say that and even the mathmaticly callenged( like me) know that can't be true.LOL Unless there is some magical multiplication along the lines of loaves and fishes...??
No rain until after sundown sounds like Camelot.(Actually, here on the lower shore there was no rain at all.)
Thanks again to those who traded and also to those who generously just "gave" And to the makers of all the wonderful food. So nice to meet all of you and yes, well worth the trip.

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the swap and to our gracious host GardenGranma. It was so nice to meet garden webbers after posting since the mid 90's but never meeting in real time and space. You are all such a wonderful group! For a one-time vegetarian, the luncheon was absolutely fantabulous. What a great bunch of adventurous cooks! It was wonderful to chat in the shade of the umbrellas on the deck with fellow GWers (like the charming NancybinCC, for example!)

Gracias all!

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Frank has sorted out his favorite 80 photos from the swap; they're in the "Plant Swap May 14 2005" galler on my flowers and stuff page.

The MD MAG Plant Swaps are the highlights of my spring and fall! So great to get to SEE some of the folk who post here! Some folk look just a one pictures, and some look completely different.

A special thanks to those who put their names on their plant labels; that way, i know who to thank every time i check a plant!

- Happy gardening,

Here is a link that might be useful: '05 Swap photos

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Gardengranma, you have my thanks and admiration for taking on the work of hosting a really super swap and for having such wonderful garden.

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

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Lets hear it for our lovely and gracious hostess and her husband: YAY! *loud clapping*
Also, your garden is INCREDIBLE!! *gawps in awe*

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

Thank you Gardengranma!!
Your place was a fabulous location for the swap. Everything was beautiful and inspiring. I pulled a few weeds while I was there in appreciation. Sorry I got in your way in the kitchen. I was amazed!
Thanks everyone for all my new plants.


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rico_md(z7 md)

Many thanks for hosting the swap Gardengranma. Your gardens are outstanding.


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The swap was truly awesome! It was great fun, finally getting to meet all the people, putting names to faces, eating all that wonderful food, not to mention, receiving some fabulous plants. Even DH left happy, so a very special thank you to whoever supplied us with "his" veggies.

And Gardengranma and DH, you Rock! You have a lovely house, gorgeous garden, cute little pooch, and a very generous spirit.

Oh Vlad, my apologies for dumping a tray of plants on you. I had to leave a little early, and there was no time to find another victim.


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Thank you all for the great swaps.
A special thank you to our hostess and host.....
everything was gorgeous....truly jaw-dropping.
The food was very yummy. I'm glad there's a thread for the recipes.
I met alot of new folks. Thanks so much for coming to check us out. We know you're hooked now, so you'll have to come back for the fall swap.
Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon.

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Laurel7286(3b Wyoming)


Henrietta (gardengranma) and Larry (DH) you are so generous with your time and hospitality, I am in awe! Not to mention the fabulous scenery and gardens--not only a lovely setting but also an inspiration.

It was so great to see so many well-known faces (Barbara brubeckgal, I missed having a chance to chat; Alfie you're right you were not there long enough; Cecilia it has been too long; Christine I like your greyhound-this is a huge concession from a cat lover; Vlad, and Jan Treehouse, you're the best of cyberfriends; many others including Susan, Kim and the CMQ, crepe myrtle queen, Christine M), and meet SO MANY new ones (Dan, BraSpaDa I meant to ask you what that name meant; Kent, you're so enthusiastic, you renewed me; Lesley, you are wonderfully funny; and all of you whose names I cannot remember). It was really fantastic.

Now to all you new people, those I met and those I didn't, please stop lurking and join in the conversation here. You met us, we don't bite, so jump in!

Wishing all a prolific tomato summer,

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Henrietta and Larry

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely place with us, and thanks to everyone for the plants. I was so excited that when I got home I told my DW that it was the "best day that I'd had in a long time." OOPS we had just returned from an anniversary trip. I had to then say "one of the best days" but you all know what I mean.


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jens_garden(z7 MD)

Thanks GardenGranma for hosting the swap. This was my first time and it was so nice to put faces to some of the names. Your home and garden are absolutely beautiful, definitely something to aspire to! I had a great time and look forward to the next swap. Thanks!

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Thanks GardenGranma and Larry, you were fabulous hosts and you have such gorgeous gardens. Thanks everyone for the great conversations and generous trades. Even DH had a good time (even though he had to shovel Prof. Dirt's compost into the back of the pickup). I can't wait for the fall swap to get together with everyone again.

My only regret was that I had to leave early due to DH's allergies. But next time I think we will travel in two separate cars so that I can stay and try the fabulous food that everyone is raving about.


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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

Hi All: Now that we have recovered from the huge number of people and cars who populated this swap, I think we can honestly say we enjoyed it all. There were a few helpers at the end to clean up, so it was truly managable. Thank those in particular. We talked about having a thread started by Larry about decending on folks with loved gardens -- not to evaluate, but to get new ideas. I want to see your gardens soon -- small or large, organized or not. To those of you who asked, our garden is all done by me, DH hates gardening but loves parties (THG)and is an overall great guy. He does get the mulch and sometimes helps to weed or dig a hole. But then again, my design is all mine, he doesn't argue. So what's the deal for the fall swap?

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giverny(z7 Maryland)

Henrietta and Larry,

Thank you so much for having all of us -- your gardens and home are beautiful! I enjoyed meeting some new people (Are you addicted?! I was after my first swap!), as well as talking to familiar faces.

Thank you for all my new plants!


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Thank You, Thank You for a great day with great people. Although it was our first plant swap my wife and I had a great time. I went home with more heirloom tomatoes than I could ever imagine and my wife truly appreciaed the hospitality and the perenials.
I cannot remember when I spent a day with so many people willing to share ideas, thoughts, and just being genuine people. Not many places this still can be done in this busy world
The Host and Hostess set the tone and we should all applaude them- great people.
See you at the next swap!!!

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(The fall swap is in October, on the Saturday before the Monday of Columbus Day (observed). Where? I don't know! (Not that it's extremely urgent just yet :-).) Maybe we can start mulling over some ideas. Just remember that if you suggest a site, you're also volunteering to be the Grand Poobah.)

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weddingdance(z7 MD)

Yes, Mitzie and I had a great time at our first plant swap. The gorgeous hosta I got from the lady near the shed out back looks so gorgeous near my deck, it made the whole trip worthwhile. Thank you! And thank you Gardengranma and hubby. We had to leave before the food, but maybe next time can stay a little longer. Thanks again!

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lettssee(z7 Mid-Atlantic)

Absolutely wonderful swap. Thanks to everyone especially gardengrandma. You guys/gals are all so very wonderful.

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I am torn between having the fall swap at the school again and having it at garden grandmas.
At this point it's up to what everybody else wants.

Gardengranmas was so nice and I'd love to see that lil ole poodle again.

But I have tons of compost I'd love to share.
Oh what to do, what to do....


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Sounds like a plot to kidnap Holly the poodle. She was an alpha girl or a mouthly girl - hard to tell, but I liked her a lot and almost snuck her out in a plant pot.

Well, I'd be tempted to vote for Sandy Springs because alternating venues are important to keep people alert and to avoid wearing out our welcome. But too soon too think too much about that. I do like the tomato queen's idea of having harvest get together. I have nothing to harvest, perhaps that's why I'm so enamoured of the idea.

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azaleaphile(z7 MD)

late as always, but the sentiments are sincere...

What a fantastic swap! It was so much fun meeting new folks, seeing those I met at the last swap (my first), and enjoying the gracious hospitality of GardenGrandma and Larry. The setting was amazing (you're an inspiration, GG!), incredible food (and of course I ate too much of it), overwhelming variety of plants .... Gardeners are such generous and friendly people, it's a pleasure to share with you all. If anyone wants the recipe for the Southwest Potato Salad, let me know. It's adapted from one in "Hot Spicy and Meatless" (vol. 1, I believe).
May this year be the best yet in your gardens!

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

The school sounds like a good spot -- if we run out of anything DH can run and get it, and we'll bring the gas grill again. Next time I think we need to have an estimate how many folks are coming so we have enough meat etc. We just barely got by this time (thank God for freezers). Never a chance of being short of desert I gather. But I can be persuaded. There was no police and DH said next time, he'll mowe more of the field, may we can do a big circle and have someone photograph it from above (we did that once with sailboats).

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

GG, thanks for the location and for the great idea!

Yes, we need our own crop circle. Cars on the outside, plants'll be the next row inside, followed by the foodstuffs third, all the chocolate yummies in the center, and finally all the dazed participants wandering one eye on plants and one eye on chocolate. Awesome picture! Do ya think it'll show up on a NASA satellite photo? Invasion of the invasives!


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

So here I am!

Henrietta and Larry, thank you so much. It's always a pleasure to see you and enjoy your gracious hospitality. I'm so sorry you're having such back trouble and would like to extend the offer to give you a hand on stuff tough on the back. I'm only 30 minutes away, so think of me!

I had to swap, get home, plant and head off to Denver for the week. I can tell you, I was planting furiously between the thunderstorms. So far, though, all has survived and done very well. Thank you all!

I am interested in the October date, too, because already I have people planning functions out of town. What day is Columbus Day? Perhaps we could set it like the federal holidays, so we always know it's on a particular weekend?

Over the summer, all, please think of me for liriope, obediant plant, day lilies, etc. I left with some invasives, but there were so many new folks that they were unaware those go to ME if they're left over!!

It was great to see old faces, and now have faces for the new names. Suja -- I owe you the 'Running Tapestry' someone a little too enthusiastic snagged and I haven't forgotten!

Thanks all for the great eats -- Kimka, you sharing that apple kuchen recipe? And someone, how 'bout the truffles? And Alfie, is grandma sharing the cheesecake? I always start with dessert, so I always have room! Yeah!!!

Off to plant more.
Take care and thanks, guys!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Recipe coming -- I've been busy planting all of the wonderful plants I got from our generous swappers.

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Thank you for allowing my first-time plant swap one that I will never forget and allowing me to spend with so many kind hearts that share the same enthusiasm of gardening as I do. How could anyone have asked for better? I sure couldn't.

A SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO HENRIETTA (GARDENGRANMA) AND LARRY (DH). I'm sure you met a ton of newbies and might not remember who I am. I am the woman who entered your gardens and had my mouth down to the ground (like a kid in a candy store). I walked your gardens a good five times (o.k. maybe more) and while soaking in the beauty that you have created. Then followed with entering your amazing home for the feast. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just tinkled pink with your sharing of the chocolate iris - just beautiful.

FOOD - DELICIOUS! I would also love any of the recipes.

PLANTS - Thank you to allow of the individuals kind enough to share your plants with me. I am proud to say, after returning back to Lorton, VA, starting digging and planting (most plants I know what they are with thanks to labels) that I was able to plant in time before the rain storms. I was tired but it was one of those great tired.

While I'm drinking my morning coffee, attend to my gardens, and think of this wonderful experience we shared and can't wait for the fall swap. Count me in. My sister and ex-sister-in law are also planning to attend.

Thank you again. Ronda (peppermint_mocha)

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Thank you, everyone, for posting what a great time you all had at the Swap. I keep hoping to attend, but spring bronchitis does me in every time. It's great to at least be able to imagine what it would have been like to be there!

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gemini_jim(7 MD)

Yes, thanks everyone from an intermittent GW'er. Henrietta, your gardens are beautiful, and my son enjoyed the swingset and play house. I got lots of great plants (still awaiting homes; may have to wait 'til fall), and my surplus vegetation was enthusiastically received. I'm glad to share!

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Hello to all you avid gardeners out there. I truly enjoyed meeting you all, you are a terrific bunch of people. Your willingness to share extra plants and gardening knowledge was inspiring. I learned some new things. I was looking for shade plants and discovered Lentin Rose (hellabore?). It is doing beautifully, it is one of my favorite plants now. I planted hostas for days (between rain storms). I have life in the garden when none existed before, thanks to your generosity.

My sincere thanks to Gardengranma and Larry for their hospitality. Your gardens are beautiful. Hosting this event was so very nice of you. You may not remember me, my name is Susan. Brown hair, green jacket, baseball cap with two blond ladies. Cindy and I dug up the Japanese Maple and you shared a Chocolate Iris with Ronda. We all had a great time and plan to meet up again in the Fall. Again, thank you very much.

Happy Gardening everybody!

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connie_cola(DE 7)

Thank you very much, GardenGranma and Larry.
You are wonderful hosts and your gardens are incredibly beautiful.
Thank you to everyone for all of your generous contributions.
My first swap will not be my last!

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