When do asparagus sprout?

prairie_love(z3/4 ND)April 26, 2005

Hi all,

I am your North Dakota neighbor, I've posted here once or twice. I am wondering if any of you have asparagus and, if so, when it sprouts? I planted it last spring and it looked like it did well over the summer. I mulched it for the winter. I pulled the mulch off about a week ago and so far I see - nothing! Is it just too early? I am borderline zone 3 and 4, so any of you in that same range have input? Thanks so much.


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Well, I pulled the mulch off 3 weeks ago, and only saw my 1st shoots 3-4 days ago and only on a few plants. Once they start they grow quickly. My plants are in their 3rd year so this is the 1st year I'll actually eat them. I would think you might want to fertilize soon with 10-10-10 and don't eat any this year. Next year harvest for only one or two weeks and then stop. I think the farmers markets start selling mid-May in Mpls. To the more experienced growers out there, feel free to correct any of this info If I'm wrong. Good luck being patient. Karen

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

Karen, thank you. That helps. Sounds like maybe I just need to wait a little. As you say, patience... Thanks also for the fertilizing advice. I knew I'm not supposed to eat them for a couple of years - argh! I'll probably have to sample just one or two spears this year anyways :) OK, patience. Thanks.


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Ann, I put in 8 roots last year and they also did well. So far I have one shoot up, so I would say give it a little more time.

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

Thanks Linda. It's been so cold here this week I haven't even gone out to see if anything has sprouted since the weekend! Hopefully soon.


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smechman(4 MN)

I have been too busy working on my backyard streambed to come here as much as I like to so I just noticed this thread...

I've had 2 meals from my asparagus already - half of my bed is 6 year old stock and half is 4 year old. Had another meal ruined by frost. Should be another meal this week. :^)
I LOVE asparagus!!


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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

Steve, I am so jealous. You may be further south than I am. Anyway, this weekend I finally had one sprout. Now we'll just see if the others come up. I love asparagus also. When I was young we used to pick the wild asparagus along the drainage canals in western Colorado - not sure I'd do that anymore :)



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Its been a warm spring like November here in Bulgaria. After i cut back the ferns of my asparagus they are shooting. My question is what to do with these shoots .Can i eat them or would it be better to leave them and wait for the spring harvest.

Many tx


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