Bloodgood Buds

kodachr0meSeptember 29, 2007

I have a bloodgood that is two to three years old.

It receives sun from 10-5 everyday. avg. temp is 75.

buds will form, show color and then dry up.

Soil isn't bone dry. No root rot.

any ideas why?

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Could be an insect? What do you mean when you say "show color".

Thanks, Dax

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What I mean is that the buds will either turn green or red and then after a few weks turn brown and dry up.

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Did the tree leaf out at all this season? Some leaf development is absolutely essential for photosynthesis, without which the tree cannot survive. If no foliage produced then the tree is well on its way out, if not dead already.

I'm not sure we understand the problem clearly. Can you explain in more detail? Or provide photos?

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