Price for edamame?

2ajsmamaAugust 14, 2013

I'm thinking $4/pint? That's what I'm planning on selling cherry tomatoes for (when I get ripe ones). Not sure how much that comes out to per lb on the edamame, but more than the $3/lb I'm selling green beans for.

Edited to add:

Picked 3 pints, 5 5/8 oz each - that would be $11.38/lb if I charged $4/pint. Too much? Start at that and look to see if any other vendor has it and how much they're charging? I sold out at $3/pint last year so thought I'd increase it this year (esp. since I saw in today's Patch that 2 zipcodes in town were in top 20 wealthiest in state - even beating Simsbury, though not West Simsbury.).

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If no one else has them you can probably get the $4/pint.

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No one else had them, I had a lot of lookers (some who knew what they were, others who thought they were snap peas or limas) but I didn't sell ANY. Really horrible day - sold $25.45 worth, and that was only b/c I sold two $6 jars of jam. People were out (and early), I saw baskets stuffed with greens (probably picking up CSA shares), 1 vendor sold out of corn, another out of eggs, and peaches seemed to sell well though they still went home with a lot. Guy across from me (the one who wanted to trade maple syrup for my leftover tomato plants) sold quite a lot of tomatoes (Juliette and I don't know what else, not heirloom) for $2.99/lb, the organic farm at the end sold maybe half their squash at $2.50/lb and I only sold 2 at $2/lb, but I sold 2 quarts of picklers and a few slicing cukes, they didn't have slicers and I don't think they sold any picklers, They did sell some carrots (and gave me a bunch of baby ones for DD since mine went rubbery). Didn't look like they sold many of their Mountain Fresh tomatoes (gave me 1 of those too).

Wasn't hot, was very pleasant weather, but Italian ice and bakery probably did the best. I did have lots of people ask again if my cukes in ice water were pickles, 1 young boy came back with his mom just so I could tell him - he didn't believe her - that they were not pickles, so she couldn't buy him a pickle b/c no one had them. Sorry to disappoint, but I think fermenting counts as "processing" and I don't have the license.

And I thought last week was a bad week! One old man told me $2/lb was "too much" for zucchini, I told him stall at the end (certified organic) was $2.50 and he went over there and hassled her!

Oh, well, we stopped at library ice cream social on the way home, saw 2 men in field across the street taking Reemay off blueberries, stopped to ask where they bought it and they GAVE it to us (ripped in wind today, don't know what weight it is), I gave them 3 squash in return. Now I can cut it up and "bag" the ripening fruit on my Triple Crown blackberries before the SWD get to them. Will have enough to cover my 6 new blueberry bushes and the strawberry bed next year too.

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