Birches and Beeches

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)May 1, 2007

Hey all!

Did I tell you this?

The weekend before we had our teaser, 80 degree days a month or so ago, Rich and I went into our back woods and dug up 5 beeches and 3 birches. They were just beginning to break buds.

We planted them in the front yard and watered through the next cold weeks diligently. Ok, sporadically and when I felt like it.

Now, I have all 8 trees in leaf. I am thrilled, because beeches are notoriously un-transplantable. We dug deep, deep, deep on those and got as much of their deep root as we could. The birches we just dug normally, hacked out as much root as we could and stuck 'em in the ground.

My birches are between 15 to 30' tall. The beeches are smaller, because I took two, cute, 3' tall ones, and the largest is probably 10' tall. Those being so iffy, I didn't want to press my luck.

Anyway, next spring, when it's still cold, if anyone needs (needs?) some of these trees, let me know. They're beautiful and larger than many of us can afford to just pick up. :)



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Christine, I would LOVE a birch tree - they were all over our yard when I was growing up!

I was out on Queen Anne Rd yesterday, isn't that where you are? So pretty out there.


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Yes, it is where I am.
I'm down on the Rte 214 end of the road, where Queen Anne Bridge comes out at Hoyle Stone. You'd turn right there, right at the stop sign, and I'm about a mile down on the left. I'm under construction and hard to miss.

Do you want to come try a tree? You'd need some strong diggers, because at ths time of the year I think you'll need much more of the roots.

They are so beautiful! :)
Lynn, I'm having email trouble. Did you get my email re: the swap?

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Christine, I think I"ll wait until next spring, if that's okay. If I bring home another tree now, I'll get disowned. There is a 10 ft japanese maple sitting in a pot needing to be planted, and two pin oaks that will either end up in my yard or at the school, not sure yet.

I only went as far out on Queen Anne Rd as the Fairhaven school, not all the way around to the 214 end, but I've been that way before. I'll look out for you next time I'm down that way =)

Haven't gotten any email re the swap from you - gimme a call if that's easier than typing - 240 232 0363

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