Freezing Blackk-eyed peas for market

OnionShedFarmsAugust 17, 2014

This is our first year of going to Market. Our black-eyed peas are coming on strong. We went to Market yesterday and all but sold out but came home and picked about 3 bushels and have a couple of bushels on the plants ready to be picked.

We only go to Market on Saturdays. Is it acceptable or even a good idea to freeze the early week peas and then sell them on Saturday? They are shelled and in quart ziplock bags.

How do you store things that you pick early in the week for a weekend market? We refrigerate them but they really do not do as well as I would like to sell a week later.

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As soon as you get beyond picking and selling fresh you are into "food processing" and it's a whole different set of rules. Selling them as if they were fresh would wreck your reputation because they usually go mushy when they thaw.

I'm not familiar how well they last on the plant - can you pick on Thursday and Friday for the Saturday market? Will they keep better unshelled?

Could you dry them for later?

If not, can you sell via Facebook? A local farmer here sells his okra that way, because it doesn't keep long enough for a weekly market. She usually has a bunch for sale Tuesdays via FB and then reguylar market on Saturday

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We did advertise on Facebook and that has kept us busier than the market. I didn't like the idea of freezing them much but I wasn't real sure what to do with them. Our Facebook market is working very well...too well. It's keeping us very busy.

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Keep good notes .. next year, maybe plant less, plant at intervals to spread peak production, or market the heck out of them on Facebook.

FB can help you get more people to market too ... Let people know what you are hauling in so they can get it.

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