too early to water?

idafrances(4)April 14, 2009

hey everyone! It's so beautiful...and dry. The soil is cracked like the desert...should I water? Wait?

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I say water...especially spring bulbs as they are wanting to grow now. My two cents for what it may be worth....Helen.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Yep- my neighbors have been watering their beds...

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Bobby Jensen (sp?) said on KARE11 Saturday that if you start watering now, you have to keep watering. He did not elaborate.

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That is because you will, by watering, help break dormancy. Once that is done your plants will no longer be happy cold and dry, and you will need to keep watering to maintain growth. So he is correct. It is all about when you want to get things up and running. I would water spring bulbs regardless.


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